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We spend our 2/3rd time in office so it is important that whether this place add positivity in your life or snatches you peace and joy away. If due to Vastu defects or VaSTU Dosh, your office is creating issue like mental stress, a bad relationship with colleagues, boss, stakeholders etc. or financial loss then you need to correct the Vastu for office for good working environment.

As we all know, Vastu is a science that based on energy flow then any imbalance in the flow of Cosmic energy around or within us brings negative effects with it. Vastu Shastra with the help of favourable directions, correct structure and placement of things with opening 7 chakras, balances this imbalanced energy. People are not aware about the algorithm of Vastu as how does it work? “It is not just a same set of Vastu solutions for all but it depends on an individual’s date of birth”, Guruji explained.VASTU OFFICE

As a father has seen success and profit in his business working from an office but his son is not able to succeed and seeing losses. This happens due to their date of birth. The Vastu for office is favourable for father but not for his son.

Our Vaastu has worked extensively in the realm of Vastu and with 20 years of in-depth research and knowledge, Guruji proposed the Our Vaastu Principles. These principles focus on balancing the imbalanced energy due to obstruction of incorrect direction, structure and placement of objects.VASTU OFFICE By managing these defects in office too one can increase positivity in office and can apply apt and effective Vastu for office. Our Vaastu tells you the best directions for structure and placements.

In a nutshell, Saral Vaastu Principles are three rules that are:

• Connecting with Cosmic Energy through Direction

• Balancing the Cosmic Energy through Structure

• Channelizing the Cosmic Energy through Chakras

By knowing favourable directions, one can allow energy to flow without any obstacles.VASTU OFFICE

Let’s read few Vastu tips for office to increase positivity in office:

• According to Vastu for office cabin, the owner’s cabin in the office or shop should not be the first. It does not have a good impact in business.

• Keep in mind that no one in the shop has a table in the room right in front of the door. It is considered good to leave the space in front of the door.

• Dark colors like green, blue, black should not be used on shop or office walls, it is better to use light colors like white, cream, yellow instead. This eliminates the negative energy of the office and increases the positive energy.

• Keep the arrangement of water in the office in the north-east direction. By doing this, you can grow your business and get rid of debts.

• The god of wealth is believed to be in the north direction, so the cashier’s seating in the shop or office should be arranged in the north direction only.

• According to Vastu, not more than one person should work at a table. Doing this affects each other’s work

• The seating arrangement of all the employees in the office or shop should be such that no one has their back in front of the main gate of the office.

• Glass should be installed in north-east direction in office or shop. This is beneficial for the growth of business.

• In the shop or office, keep the north-east corner completely empty. Make water arrangement at this place. In this direction, construction of a temple proves beneficial.

• Do not keep heavy goods or shoes in the office in the northeast direction, this may result in business losses.

• In the eastern part of the office or shop, put wooden furniture or objects made of wood such as cupboards, show pieces, trees or wood frames.PT.DEEPAK PANDEY It is considered auspicious for the growth of business.

By following best directions and Vastu tips for office, you can overcome many problems in office like stress, issues between boss and employee, low efficiency of resources, disagreement amidst resources, financial losses, lack of performance and low sales etc.

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