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Mirr vastu

Each part of the house is really important. Staircase is the medium to move up and down in multistoried houses. Since Vastu Shastra pays attention to every part of the house, the staircase is not an exception. If an entire house is built with Vastu compliant guidelines but staircase then inmates have to experience many negative effects on their health, wealth and mental peace. As per Our Vaastu, Pt. Deepak Pandey suggested that any part of the house should be built or located as per Vastu norms. The best direction and place for staircase in the house is decided by an individual’s date of birth. Our Vaastu Principles by Pt. Deepak Pandey explains that by following the right direction, one can balance the cosmic energy in the house that leads to a happy and successful life. If stairs are located as per Vastu, the energy in the house can be balanced and increase wealth, health and joy in life. Our Vaastu Principles are the set of three rules that explain connecting, balancing and channelizing the cosmic energy through correct direction, structure and chakras. There are four favourable and four unfavorable directions for each individual and that is decided by his/her date of birth as above mentioned. Vastu Shastra is not a set of fixed standard rules for all, it varies person to person. A father has lived a successful life in a house but his son is not living a happy life living in the same house. It happens due to their different date of birth that requires different Vastu solutions. You can attract abundance, peace and wealth in your life through staircase Vastu. A rightly located stairs can make a big difference in the lives of inmates. Vastu deffect in stairs can invite problems majorly related to finance, health and family relationship. With the help of Our Vaastu solutions for stairs you can mitigate the negative energy caused by Vastu deffect in stairs. To make stairs Vastu compliant, you can follow tips related to location, shape and color of stairs.

Let’s read the Vastu tips for staircase:

• As per Vastu for staircase, the best direction for stairs in the house is South-West.

• Staircase should never be built in North-East corner else head of the family has to face financial loss, debt and mental stress.

• If the south-west corner is not available for stairs then either south or west directions are the best.

• Stairs should be in clockwise pattern.

• The free area below the staircase should be used as a store room.

• According to staircase Vastu, When you are descending from the stairs you must face east or north.

• While moving up, always face south or west direction.

• Never construct stairs at the centre of the house. Keep this area free and spacious.

• Always have a turn in the staircase.

• Use light colors for stairs not dark as red, black etc.

• Don’t build stairs encircling the building, it invites accidents and calamities.

• Cash locker or almirah is not advisable under the stairs. It causes money loss.

• Keep odd number stairs.

• Avoid having Pooja room, toilet and cash room under the stairs.

• Do not have circular or round shape stairs and the first step should never be round or circular.

• Always repair broken stairs, else it will cause accidents, conflicts or mental stress.

• Never build the same stairs for going up and to the basement. They should be built differently.

• Stairs should not start from Pooja room, kitchen, store room or cash room.

• Do not use the room that ends to the staircase (South-West). Any person living in such rooms will fall sick and will have to face various health issues.

• Stairs of the house should be well lit and bright.

• Stairs should be cleaned on the daily basis to keep positive energy intact.

This information about Vastu for staircase, helps a person to minimize the Vatsu deffect in the house and can attract money, good mental and physical health and also luck.

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