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Mirrors are those objects that can transform a house into a fortune cookie with some placement changes. According to Vastu Shastra, a mirror can be inferred as a water element for its reflective ability. A mirror can reflect back whatever is in front of it so it is important that a mirror should reflect positive energy back into the house. With the help of Our Vaastu introduced by Pt. Deepak Pandey, you can apply a few effective Vastu solutions related to mirror location and get desirable results within a few days. These Vastu solutions help you to achieve better health and money. A mirror can do wonders in your wealth and health. All you need to do is balance the cosmic energy through three simple Our Vaastu Principles. These principles suggest that through direction, structure and chakra, one can connect, balance and channelize the cosmic energy. Mirrors help in free flow of energy in the house and this happens due to placing them in the right direction. As per Guruji, each individual has four favourable and four unfavorable directions. These directions are decided by an individual’s date of birth. Therefore a best direction of mirror can allow the path for smooth flow of energy and increase positivity in the house. It will allow you to lead a happy and peaceful life.

Let’s understand the effects of mirrors on our health and money.

• In Vastu Shastra, North is the direction of Lord Kubera ( Lord of wealth), so placing a mirror in North direction reflects the positive energy and can double the wealth increase.

• A very simple Vastu tip for mirror is placing it in front of your locker or safe. It will amplify the financial gains.

• A businessman can place a mirror in front of cash box. This helps in increasing cash, sales and customers.

• For better health, mirrors should not be placed in the bedroom. It increases mental stress, sleeplessness, anxiety and restlessness. If there is any mirror in the bedroom then keep in mind that it should not face the bed or cover it with a cloth.

• To remove negativity, the mirror in the bedroom should be placed in either east or north wall.

• For better health and money, do not place a mirror at the main entrance. It will reflect away all the positive energy entering into the house.

• On a dressing table, a mirror should always be placed 4-5 feet above the ground.

• Avoid placing mirrors facing each other. By doing this, the energy will collide that will lead to restlessness and disturbed mental peace.

• Never place a mirror in the south direction. This direction represents fire element whereas mirrors are considered as water element so by placing water element in fire direction will increase fights and quarrels.

• Mirrors should not reflect the sunlight. It attracts negative energy.

• Mirrors should be of regular shapes like rectangular or square.

• For good health and wealth, do not place any mirror facing north or East direction. These two directions are the entry points for positive energy. If mirrors are placed facing these directions, it will repel or reflect away all the positive energy.

• As an effective Vastu tip for mirror, if you are facing sleeplessness, insomnia, headache or heart problems then try to place a three inch mirror between mattress and bed facing upward. It will ease your health issues.

• Use big mirrors on dressing where you can completely see yourself. If you see yourself in such dressing every morning, it will increase positivity in you.

• Never keep broken, cracked or rusty mirrors in the house to ward off negative energy.

• Glass windows and mirrors also act as mirrors so cover them as required.

According to a Pt. Deepak Pandey Vaastu expert, to get better and fruitful results, place mirrors in your favourable direction. To know your favourable direction contact Our Vaastu and get the best solutions. Following these Vastu tips for mirrors can enhance wealth and good health through increased positive energy in the house or workplace.

Pt. Deepak Pandey vastu shastra consultant & astrology ९३०५३६०३८२

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