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A Vastu based house is considered as the magnet to prosperity. A correct house plan that is designed with the principles of Vastu Shastra has the power to balance the cosmic energy within and around us. Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of architecture and structural plan. Its importance had been seen in the monuments, temples and structures that are standing tall and unaffected after pandey

Nowadays, Vastu Shastra is becoming a very contemporary subject for everyone. They want to construct a house that is free from Vastu Dosh or Vastu defects. This is why people are intending towards various Vastu consultants and experts for making their houses Vastu compliant. At Our Vaastu, we provide you a Vastu plan that is based on the date of birth of the owner of the house. There are many pseudo Vastu experts are present in this industry that proclaim many Vastu norms as applicable to all which is not true.

Vastu Shastra is a vast science and there are no certain set of rules that are applicable and effective for everyone. Vastu is basically focus on the energy as modern science. We all are surrounded by an invisible energy called Cosmic energy. This energy flows in a certain direction. Any obstruction in the flow of energy brings negative impacts on the inmates of the house. These negative impacts can be related to health, wealth, jobs, marriages, relationships etc.

By the help of Our Vaastu Principles established by Guruji, one can align the flow of energy in your favourable direction. This favourable direction is determined by the date of birth of an individual. With the help of favourable direction, Vastu plan is prepared for an individual. There is no need of any breakages or renovation in your house. This house plan helps in increasing positive energy in the house. Positive energy in the house attracts prosperity and happiness in the house.

How do we help in creating a house plan at Our Vaastu:

• Fill Vastu Prediction Form

• Our Team will book your appointment

• As per your appointment date, we will call you using video call and create your house plan

• After in depth analysing your house plan, we will tell you what problems you are facing and the root cause of those problems.

• After your consent and satisfaction, if you want to proceed for Vastu solutions and remedies, our experts will provide you exclusive and personalized Vastu solutions and tips.

This way, at Our Vaastu you can get Vastu consultation at your home no matter where you live across the globe. Our Vaastu is changing lives of lacs of followers and you can experience the results within 7-180 days.

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