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West Facing House Vastu

West facing house vastus are often considered as least favoured choice when people look forward to buy their own place. It is believed that north facing house vastu and east facing house vastu are the most auspicious ones and you should look for south facing house vastu (link the respective links on them) or west facing house vastu, only and if only you cannot get the previous ones. Many real estate agents or lucrative property advertisements will try to lure you to purchase other homes even though a nice west facing home is available. They often offer such properties at a much higher price, stating that they are in much demand. It is not uncommon to find that many people assume and spread rumours that West facing house vastus bring ill-fate and hence should be avoided at all costs. However, the truth is far from it. As per vastu experts in India, all the directions have its significance and are equally auspicious. You only need to make sure that the property is vastu complaint. If it follows the vastu rules, it will help you and your family to have a happy and prosperous life ahead. Today, we will explore the significance of west facing house vastu in details. So, stay tuned with us and explore why you should not turn down a perfect west facing house vastu only based on the myths. So, let is begin. What is meant by west facing house vastu The first and foremost thing is to be able to determine whether or not you have an exact west facing property. Determining the same can be tricky as many people assume the direction of setting sun as the west. However, the exact west direction changes gradually each year. Only 2 days in a year, you can determine the exact west side. Please go through the east facing blog to read more further about it. However, the most accurate way of determining the same is by using a compass. A magnetic compass points the exact north without any error. With respect to the same, you can trace the rest of the directions. To make things simple, remember one simple rule. The direction in which you face while stepping out of the home through the main entrance, is the directional facing of the house. So, if you are facing west while doing so, you have a west facing house vastu. Does west facing house vastu brings bad luck? No, this is just a myth. The reasons why such myths are surrounded people, are sometimes due to lack of proper knowledge and sometimes intentionally, due to the intention of making profit. Many people believe so, because sun rises in the east and sets in the west. As per this orientation, east is associated with brightness, and west is associated with darkness. But this is just a misconception. Sun rises in the east and thus, east facing homes readily gets sunlight during the first half of the day until afternoon. But as it sets towards the west, a west facing home gets plenty of sunlight as well, from later afternoon to sunset. Thus, its association to darkness or bad luck is simply a big myth. Any West facing home can be as auspicious as other properties, provided one sticks to the Vastu rules. Who are suitable to have a west facing house vastu? Even though every vastu compliant home is good, you need to make sure that it is suitable as per your need. Your astrology and nature of job plays an important role in determining the same. For the west direction the ruling planet is Saturn. Space is the element of west. Space is limitless and holds the secrets of the universe. The natives of this element are prone on getting involved in the jobs that gives them job satisfaction and sense of fulfilment rather than designation or position. They tend to go work for the greater good and help others as well. Role of internal Placements of the west facing house vastu The directional facing of a home is crucial, but so is its internal placement. It includes the placement of the various rooms, such as bedroom, bathroom, water tank, septic tank, puja room, garden, staircase, main door entrance, etc in the home. It is important that these rooms are placed as per vastu rules. Placement of bedroom in west facing house vastu The bedroom is the place that gives you the restful sleep you require to carry out everyday tasks. You need to make sure that it is perfectly aligned to the element of nature so that it gives you the quality sleep that you require. You can place the master bedroom in the south west corner. In case you live in a multifloored house, ensure to place it in the same corner, but in the top most position. In a west-facing house, you should place your children’s room in the south, west or northwest zones. This ensure that they get positive energy throughout the sleep, from an early age itself. If you have a second bedroom or a guest room, you can position that in the northwest corner. Position of the puja room The temple or puja room is an auspicious place that help you channel all the godly energies around you. In a west facing house vastu, the north-east direction is the most energized zone, so it makes perfect sense to place it in this corner itself. However, not every home has space to place a separate puja room. So, in case your residential space does not have a scope for the same, you can place your living room in the north east zone and place the small temple or puja stand in the north east corner itself. Placement of the kitchen in west facing house vastu Kitchen in yet another area of importance. It holds the element fire and is a place where you cook our food and hence it represents nutrition and good health. In a west facing house vastu, it is best to place it in the south-east corner. In case you live in a multi-storeyed house, make sure to avoid placing the kitchen directly under or over the bathroom, puja room, or the master bedroom. For more detailed understanding, get in touch with a vastu expert, who can carry out a detailed analysis of your home and guide you with best floor plan idea and useful vastu tips. Apart from the ones discussed above, you need placement directions for staircase, septic tanks, garden, water tanks and other details

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