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Vastu Tips to Finish Family Feud

If the relations, in a home, amongst family member are tensed – most of the times – then place a white sandal wood statue (any statue will do, but make sure it’s not depicting negative emotions like weeping girl, war, crime etc.) in such a way that everybody can see it multiple times while roaming around in the house. This will reduce the tension, create harmony and will increase mutual trust amongst family members.

  1. If there’re disputes amongst male members within the family then a simple remedy is to keep a small branch of Kadamba tree (Neolamarckia cadamba) in a home. This’ll help instill peace in home.

  2. If there’s tension and disputes amongst female members of the family then they should make sure not to wear red colored clothes all at the same time or at the same occasion.

  3. If there are quarrels and disturbances due to one female member in a home then gift her Moon Stone Silver ring on Shukla Paksha Monday; just make sure that she wears it in the ring finger of right hand.

  4. Try to eat meals with the family; this creates a sense of togetherness and unity. Also, if possible, then try to eat in the kitchen of your home (if the kitchen is big enough) this’ll reduce the ill effects of Rahu.

  5. If for no reason there is tension and mutual discomfort amongst family members, then no one from the family should shave and have haircuts on Thursday.

  6. Each month calculate the number of guests that have visited the home, to that number add the number of family member; for example if 5 guests visited your home and there are 4 family members then make 9 sweet rotis and offer it to the animals in your area. This’ll shun away illness, evil eye, wasteful expenses and quarrels.

  7. Just sprinkle holy Ganga water in your entire home on each Poormina (Full Moon Day)

Do apply them or suggest them to anyone you know who has issues with family members.

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