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Updated: Apr 5, 2022

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All of us have a place we call home. The kind of home we live in can be very different based on our lifestyle. Depending on where we live, how our house is built, how we maintain it etc., our home can give off different spiritual vibrations too.

Our spiritual research has shown that improving the spiritual vibrations of our homes can have many positive effects such as increased financial security, improved relationships between those living in the home, more happiness among residents, and less obstacles to spiritual practice done by those in the home.

Studying vibrations in premises

In spiritual research, importance is given to studying the spiritual realm. Through this study we are able to start understanding the true cause and effect of any experience. For example, through spiritual research we understand that marital discord can be caused by our departed ancestors.

In the same way, spiritual research can help us understand why some types of homes bring good fortune and happiness while others cause distress to their residents. To study spiritual vibrations in housing, let us first understand some basic concepts from the science of vāstushāstra, as explained in the next section.

refer to an open space enclosed by walls on all sides, irrespective of whether it has a roof.

Every such built space has a centre of energy, also known as the Deity of the premises. Its mission is to endow energy to any pleasant or distressing event occurring there.

In order to understand the difference between pleasant and distressing frequencies generated in premises, let us first understand how these frequencies are created.Pt.Deepak pandey

The first type consists of frequencies emitted by the plot of land the premises is built on

The second type consists of 360 frequencies that travel horizontally to the Earth region These frequencies go through the premises in a circular fashion.

The third type consists of the frequencies of thoughts due to those constructing the premises, those living in the premises, and those visiting the Deepak pandey

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