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Vastu Tips For More Income And Growth In Business And Job

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Vastu Shastra is a science dealing with construction, architecture as well as the interiors of your home and office. Its sole purpose is to make your life more balanced. These simple Vastu tips improve all aspects of your life, thus yielding better results, profits and bringing success in your personal and professional life.


Placement of décor items:

Are Vastu Tips Important?

Whether it is starting a new venture or achieving growth, the application of Vastu tips helps in multiple ways by raising funds.

vastu tips


The right choice of directions can enhance the chance of business success or generate business opportunities. Office building should ideally face NORTH, NORTH-EAST or NORTH-WEST. It brings lady luck and positive energy into your business. According to Vastu tips, the main door or entrance of your office building should be in EAST or NORTH pandey

Now, where should the owner sit? EAST is undoubtedly the best to face for optimum work performance. The next best option is NORTH. Consequently, SOUTH and WEST are unfavourable and should be avoided. There are many conducive options to sit in your office. Even NORTH-EAST is an auspicious option that can yield good profits.

Placement of décor items:

It is very important to keep in mind certain Vastu tips for decorating your office and home. These tips prove to be beneficial for bringing in good results professionally.

Place a mirror or Kuber yantra on the NORTHERN wall or NORTHERN section of your office or home.

A bunch of French lavender flowers or green jade flowers on the reception desk bring positivity and prosperity.

Keep your office desk clutter free just as you should dispose of and discard all scrap and old things or clothes or non-functioning watches, gadgets, etc., out of your house. Your documents should be well sorted and well organised and duly filed up.

Make it a point to discard broken stationery most importantly as soon as possible, just as Vastu places a lot of importance on discarding the broken cups or utensils from the kitchen.

Wind chimes, money plant, paintings of a waterfall, mountains, or a goldfish are symbolic of positive energy and indicative of support, calm, peace and wealth.

A Laughing Buddha, when placed in the drawing room or at the entrance facing the gate or door may bring in peace and prosperity.

All or some of these can ensure health, wealth and peace in your life at home and workplace.

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