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Vastu Shastra is a science where directions play an important role. People who know even a little about Vastu, often heard that East facing house can be a good luck charm. But can it be true for all?

East direction is considered an auspicious direction in Vastu but at the same time it is not necessary that living in East facing house guarantees the happiness and success for inmates.Vaastu confirms the importance of the date of birth in deciding an individual’s favourable and unfavorable direction.

What is favourable direction? According to Guruji, Vastu is the science of energy. We all are surrounded by Cosmic energy. If the flow of energy in the house is smooth, it brings prosperity. On the other hand if energy flow interrupts due to external factors like direction, structure or placement, then it creates a negative effect. To balançe the negative energy, Vaastu Principles explains the three easy steps to follow. It includes connecting with Cosmic energy through direction, balancing energy through structure and channelizing cosmic energy through the chakras.

At Vaastu, we provide you a consultation about Vastu for East Facing House and prepare an East Facing House Vastu plan, based on your date of birth.

With the help of Vaastu, you can achieve desirous results by balancing energy and with the correct Vastu plan.

Few Vastu tips for East facing house to make it luck magnet to you:

• Always follow your favourable direction.

• There should not be any toilets in NE corner.

• Avoid having bedroom in NE corner.

• Avoid a plot that slopes from North to South.

• There should not be any big trees in North and East of a house.

• Never have any dustbin, dirt or clutter in North and NE direction.

• Try to avoid having kitchen in NE corner.

• Have kitchen in SE or NW corner.

• Try to have Pooja room and living room in NE direction.

• Avoid septic tank in NE direction.

By these simple tips for East facing home, you can make this true that East facing house is the key to happiness.

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