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Updated: Jun 19

A house is incomplete without a Pooja Room. As we all know, Pooja room is the biggest source of positive energy in a house so it is important to make a Pooja room according to Vastu. By the help of Vastu for Pooja room, you can increase the positive energy in the house. If a Pooja room is not as per Vastu, it can obstruct the free flow of energy due to direction, structure and placement defects.

Vaastu understands the importance of positive energy in the house so it provides Vastu remedies to remove Vastu related problems from a Pooja room. As per Pt. Deepak Pandey , Vastu Shastra is based on the flow Cosmic energy within and around us. Any obstruction in this flow can impact life in a negative way and can cause adversity.

He introduced Vaastu Principles that focus on connecting, balancing and channelizing Cosmic energy with the Vastu tips for direction, structure and chakras respectively.

If you follow your favourable direction, you can reverse the negative effects of Vastu Dosh. Vastu Shastra determines your favourable direction that is based on your date of birth. Not all people need the same set of solutions as not all patients need the same kind of treatment. It varies person to person according to their date of birth.

Guruji elaborate this with the example of a father and son. A father has lived a happy and prosperous life in a house but his son is not living a happy life. This is due to their different date of birth that requires different Vastu solutions.

Follow some Vastu tips for Pooja room and increase positive energy in your life.

• Clean and declutter not only pooja room, but also each and every corner of your home for attracting positivity and maintaining sanctity.

• Remove footwear outside the pooja room. It brings negativity from dust, dirt, mud and germs from outside.

• Cleanse yourself with water after coming from outside, before entering pooja room.

• Ring bells, while offering prayers, as the sound waves and resonance removes all negative vibes from your home and surroundings.

• Clapping of hands or playing some sound track can also be done.

• You can enhance positivity of your puja room, by offering more and more flowers or pushpanjali, while offering prayers.

• Lit earthen and metal diyas, lamps, camphor, incense sticks etc. in the Pooja room.

• Never make Pooja room near the toilet.

• Never put Pooja room or Pooja temple in the bedroom.

• Never keep dustbin in the Pooja room.

• There should not be any broken idols or frames in Pooja room.

• Platform for Pooja should be a little higher than the floor.

• Keep the piousness of Pooja room intact.

• Face north or East or northeast direction in Pooja room.

• Don’t keep statues of God or Goddess in home.

These easy-to-adopt Vastu solution can help you to increase positivity. Vastu for Pooja room helps to make Pooja room as a powerhouse of the house.

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