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Importance Of Vastu For Kitchen In Every Household

Every bite we eat is a blessing of nature. Our food not only fills our stomach but also offers nutrition and immunity to stay healthy and fit. This makes the kitchen in any household a sacred place, just like the temple. Residential Vastu Consultants often find that people remain ignorant regarding the importance of vastu for kitchen. Today lets discuss the same in detail, from the perspective of Vastu Shastra. As per Hindu mythology, maa Annapurna is the goddess of food. Her blessing ensures that your kitchen never runs out of food and your family keeps on having food to be healthy and nourished. The kitchen itself houses one of the 5 sacred elements of nature-the fire. Fire is considered sacred and thus many rituals like marriage, prayers, yagya, festivals, etc all involve using some element of fire.

Fire is both boon and bane as it offers a blessing in the form of cooking but if it is tempered with, it can also bring heavy destruction. Thus, it is crucial that the place of cooking, the kitchen is perfectly built as per the laws of nature and vastu shastra can help in this regard. A vastu compliment kitchen ensures that these auspicious occasions (like a timely and happy marriage, safe childbirth, stability to celebrate festivals) can occur from time to time in the family.

The structure and placement of your kitchen determine the overall health of the family. With correct alignments, it makes sure that your food is delicious and nutritious. Thus, it helps to fight diseases. Apart from biological health, a vastu constructed kitchen also helps to secure the financial health and keep you off the debts.

Any disrupt in the same can bring many misfortunes for the family. These include health loss, financial loss, delay in marriage, being in debts, tension among family members, childbirth-related issues and many more. So, it is quite crucial to make sure your kitchen is vastu compliant.

Thankfully, the our vastu expert can fix the vastu doshas of the kitchen with simple remedies, without demolishing the structure. Once you are all set, you can step towards a more stable future ahead of you. For more information, get in touch with us.

Kitchen is related to food and food is related to good health. So, here are some Vastu Tips For Good Health.

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