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East Facing House

East Facing House Vastu If you planning on getting an East facing house, you need to do a detailed vastu analysis before build you home on it. It is because, not every vastu is suitable for everyone. We have already covered the north facing house vastu and south facing house vastu in our previous blogs. Now its turn to discuss the same for an east facing house vastu. East facing houses are often considered as auspicious as per Vastu Shastra. It is believed that east directional facing will help you get your hands-on huge amount of gold. However, not every individual can get this opportunity, for some it is recommended not to get such a property. Let’s understand more about it, in details. East is the direction in which the sun arises and thus this direction itself is considered as very auspicious in various aspects of vastu shastra. Thus, many people assume that every east facing house vastu is auspicious and they look forward to acquire such a property. But the truth is far away from it. Only the directional orientation cannot determine the overall vastu of a house. The placement of the various rooms, such as the bedroom, bathrooms, toilets, kitchen, puja room in the house is a crucial factor as well. If these placements are done in accordance with the vastu rules, such a home will be flourishing, irrespective of its directional facing. So, it is crucial to seek the advice of a vastu expert in India to help with these aspects. How to accurately determine an east facing house vastu? Before exploring more about the east facing house vastu, it is important that we all know what is meant by east facing house vastu. Many people find it difficult to determine the directional facing of their house. This confusion is there for all direction, but many people wrongly assume that they can determine the east facing. Many people assume that if their house faces towards the rising sun, they have east facing house vastu. But often it is not true. Today, we are going to make it crystal clear for you. Even through we know the universal truth ‘the sun rises in the east’, there are 2 things to consider. First, the earth is tiled in 23.5 degree with respect to its axis and second, the actual direction of the rising sun changes over the period of the year. Over a year, the earth completes one revolution around the sun. This leads to season changes and also the timespan of the average daylight exposure. Only 2 days in the year, the sun rises in the exact east, namely on 20th or 21st March and 22nd or 23rd September. So, your common perception about the same or your neighbour or real estate agent telling your that your new home is an east facing house vastu can actually be an illusion. Then what is the most reliable way to determine the same. Simple, you can use a compass, which is points the actual north quite flawlessly. You can get one easily, that too at a very small price. This can be used to track the all 4 direction with respect to you house. When you step out of your house through your main entrance, the direction that you face, is the directional facing of your home. So, if you walk out in the east direction while going out of your home, then you have an east facing house vastu. Who are suitable for East Facing House As per vastu experts in India, every house is unique and every individual is unique. It requires thorough evaluation to determine if an individual is suitable for a particular property. When it comes to determine the suitability of an individual, it includes many factors, but 2 of the most important ones are the profession and astrology of the individual. Let’s first discuss the professions that fits for occupants living in an east facing house vastu. Sun is the planet of the east direction. it relates to the jobs that is associated with authority, power and elegance. Many such prefer to work for no one but themselves. So, you can find many freelancers and self-employed individuals belonging to this group. Moreover, the east direction represents the element air. It represents agility, new beginning, creativity, focus and protection. Even though the above-mentioned information is true in general sense, you cannot just buy any vastu simply because your nature of job is mentioned in it. It often happens that many individuals with other workforce are recommended for an east facing house vastu as well, and similarly, any of the ones whose nature of work has been discussed earlier can be recommended for something else. There is an imminent need to evaluate the same before getting any vastu. While discussing the job and astrology, there is one more thing many people get confused about. Mostly you will find that an entire family resides in a home instead of a single individual. Thus, it is likely that each individual has different profession and astrological charts, so, which one do you consider? Simple, you consider that of the head or the bread earner of the family or the official owner of the property. It is best to consult a vastu expert who can guide more accurately. Sometime, situations can be quite tricky, and an experience vastu exert can help immensely by offering quick remedy regarding the same. Main door placement in East Facing House Let it an east facing house vastu or north or south or west, having its main door in the right position is the most crucial factor. It determines significantly, whether or not, the vastu is going to be auspicious for them. The placement of the main entrance has a significant importance as per Vastu experts in India. In fact, this should be the first thing to consider before purchasing a property. This happens because the entrance of your house is the prime connection between the indoor and outdoor energies. A misaligned entrance can make your home inauspicious which was other perfect for you and your family. That is why is expert vastu guru insists you to have a detailed vastu analysis before placing the main entrance. Placement of balcony/free space in the east facing house vastu If you ever seen a home that has been built after consulting a vastu expert in India, you will notice that often some space is left open in the east side. This is done to make sure that sunrays can get inside the home without any obstruction. This removes that negative energy and replace it with positive ones. This can help you, the occupants, stay healthy and energetic every day. It is always recommended to keep some space (even a small corridor or balcony would do if much space is not available) free in east side. Keep the east side blocked completely can cause some health issue and trigger some difficult in childbirth. Placement of kitchen in east facing house vastu Kitchen is a holy place as we prepare our food in it. It symbolises nurturing and nourishment. It also holds the element fire and its correct placement in the house is quite crucial. In an east facing house vastu, pick either south-east or north-west direction for placement of the kitchen. It is also crucial to make sure you face east, if your kitchen is placed in south eat direction. Similarly, make sure to face west, if the kitchen is placed in north west side. To achieve the same, place the oven accordingly. Placement of temple in east facing house vastu Pooja room is very sacred space in any house. Irrespective of the directional facing, and space available for the same; having a temple is mandatory for every home. For an east facing home place the pooja room in the northeast direction. Placement of living room in east facing house vastu Placement for the living room needs some consideration. For instance, you cannot place the living room in a place that make you cross the bedroom or kitchen before entering it. It should be both vastu compliant and make sense as per common designing of the building. For an east facing house, placing the living room on the north-east side is considered auspicious as per vastu. Make sure that the walls of north and east side are slightly shorter and thinner than that of south and west. It helps to attract prosperity and success in both personal and professional life.

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