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Updated: Dec 25, 2023

Car Parking Vastu – 8 Things to Do

  1. Locate the garage in NW

  2. Park the car facing North or East

  3. Make sure there’s plenty of space to walk around in the garage after parking the vehicle

  4. Garage’s floor should slope towards East or North

  5. Garage’s roof should slope from South to North or from West to East

  6. Garage’s entrance is best located in North or East

  7. The height of garage entrance should be less than main gate of the house

  8. Garage wall colors can be white, cream, yellow or something light

Car Parking Vastu – 8 Things to Avoid

  1. Never park the car facing West or South; there’s a change of fire hazard

  2. No garage in NE (however, parking in NE basement is ok)

  3. Garage in SW leads to very less usage of vehicle and more repairs

  4. Garage walls shouldn’t touch the compound wall

  5. Garage walls shouldn’t touch the walls of house

  6. Never locate the garage in North-East

  7. No inflammable items in garage

  8. No trash

Well, that’s all there is to when it comes to car parking vastu.

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