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Your Home Is Non-Compliant As Per Vastu?

We live o

n the planet earth, which is so huge, but in this gigantic planet, we have one very special place that we call our home. Our home, if designed perfectly as per vastu shastra, it can absorb the energy and help us live with prosperity and positivity.

Vastu shastra advises people to consult vastu for home while designing their home. This helps them to make sure their place of residence is perfectly constructed as per vastu shastra. However, most often it is not possible to do the same. There are multiple reasons behind it. Let’s take a quick look to understand it in more details:

  1. Not every people build their own house as they need to relocate again and again due to their nature of work. For such individuals, renting a flat or a home for that particular duration is the most feasible option.

  2. Many people cannot effort to build their own place and thus live in rented places. So, making structural changes is beyond their authority.

  3. So many induvial nowadays buy an apartment in some multi-storey building that is already constructed. It is not possible to remake any structure in these complexes.

  4. Some people still live in their ancestral home, where it is very challenging to make structural change from architectural perspective.

Needless to say, it requires vastu tips that do not involve any demolition for all the above-mentioned scenarios. But thankfully, you can still ensure the vastu of your home. There are exert vastu shastra consultant who analyzes the vastu of your home and comes up with useful tips to address the vastu-dosh that includes no structural changes. These involve readjusting the furnishings and the furniture in the home. It can also involve adding a few plants or art object in some particular direction. You can also be advised with a good, auspicious name for your home that attracts positive energy towards it. In a nutshell, these vastu tips for home will make your home get rid of the negativities around it and lead a life full of happiness and sense of wellbeing.

If you are looking for vastu for your home, without demolition it, Vaastu in Kanpur is the best vastu consultant in India for you. Our expert Pt. Deepak Pandey offers his useful insights for vastus of home, factory, and offices.

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