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Updated: Mar 22



planet signifying Rajsik and tamsik nature of women Depends upon of yoga and bhog that is mars and Venus

These planets activate world by desires and therefore their role is very important in a female horoscope...

In indian society prosperity and happiness of a woman Depends on her saubhagya or well-being of her husband saubhagg in a woman horoscope is seen from eighth house .

EIGHTH HOUSE with benefic planets in it and apsected by benefics indicated happiness . individuals assessment is made by polite behavior wise thinking and unblemished character this is seen by well apsected well connect EIGHTH HOUSE .

Malefic influence on eighth house shows dependence and miseries which may be destructive for a woman.

Uncontrolled luxurious life lack of self discipline and secret or unearned income is also seen by eighth house and planets placed in it...

Research from different angles on female horoscope show that conditions against auspiciousness of the horoscope.customs traditions modesty and dignity is seen by eighth house..

EIGHTH HOUSE should be analysed from lagna moon and Venus in rashi navamsha and trimshamsha chart.....

..... next time....

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