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Water Tank Vastu Tips

Water tank vastu is a very crucial aspect of vastu shastra. It is recommended to pay close attention to its placement, while making a home. How it affects the vastu of entire home, lets understand the same in details.

Water is the prime source of life. Since time immemorable, human civilization has settled near the vicinity of water sources. Thankfully, with time, we learnt how to channel and store water at our houses, with ease.

Having a water tank in a necessity for every house, irrespective of its size and level of luxury. We use water for drinking, bathing, washing clothes and utensils, and it also is required for a wide range of everyday usage. The importance of water is immense.

Importance of proper placement of water storage tank

Water has a crucial importance in vastu shastra as well. It is one of the panchatatva, i.e, 5 elements of nature. The other 4 are- air, fire, earth and space.

When these 5 elements are placed as per vastu rules, it stays in balance and offer many benefits to the occupants of the house. Vice versa, if they are placed randomly, it offsets the balance and thus, invite several issues instead.

Thereby, it is most important to oversee that the placement of the water tanks is done as per vastu. Apart from these, proper placement of other sections of the home that stores or channels water, such as kitchen and bathroom is important too.

While discussing water tanks, there are 2 main types that can be seen in homes; namely underground water tank and overhead water tank. You can easily differentiate them as their names itself are self-explanatory.

Most people wrongly assume that since they both are water storage tanks in nature, their placement positions must be identical. However, as per expert vastu consultants that is not truth.

Though they both store water primarily, their nature of enclosure makes a difference. Underground water tank represents water element, but overhead water tank represents earth element. So, their placements as per vastu are quite different.

In today’s article, we will explore the placement of these both, from the perspective of vastu shastra along with water tank vastu tips.

For determining the placement of any object, we need guidelines as per specific direction. vastu shastra consultants primarily refer to 8 directions. North, East, West, South and North-East, North-West, South-East, South-West.

Placement of underground water tank as per vastu

Underground water tanks, are the ones, that are placed under the ground, by digging a hole, inside the boundary of the home. It requires electric pump to bring water to the surface for further usage.

They are ideal for the people who wants to keep their water storage tank invisible or for those locations where harsh climate can cause damage to the same. It is more crucial to ensure the material and vastu placement of the underground water tank is perfect because you cannot change the same in the future.

Now, its turn to determine the most ideal placement of the same with respect to vastu shastra.

Placement of underground water tank in North zones

Out of these 8 above-mentioned directions; north, north-east and north-west represents water element. Thus, as per general vastu shastra rules, placing the underground water tank in any of these zones is considered as best. Being the same element, they blend perfectly and offers many benefits to the occupants of the home.

Many people who understand very little of Water tank vastu, wrongly place both types of tank in the north zones and unknowingly brings severe complications for themselves and their family.

However, before installing underground water tank in North-east, it is best to seek further guidance of an expert vastu consultant.

Placement of underground water tank in East zone

In case, your plot has no scope for the north zones, you can consider using east zones as well. As per water tank vastu, placement in east zone can boost the social circle and thus is recommended for people whose jobs are based around client relations.

Placement of underground water tank in West zone

Placement of underground water tank in west is also good, despite popular myth of being a vastu defect. It brings ample opportunity for making profit and thus, is a good option for business owners.

Placement of underground water tank in South zones

Under no circumstances, put an underground water tank in any of the south zones. It is a severe vastu flaw as it disturbs the Water tank vastu and vastu experts advice to shift its place at the earliest.

If kept in the south-east zone, it can cause accidental injuries, financial burden and loss of opportunity. If kept in south-west zone, it can lead to heart problem, strain of personal relationships, and hindrance in attaining benefit from opportunities in life. Underground water tank, If kept in exact south, it can onset hurdle in getting promotion, name and fame for service people.

Placement of overhead water tank as per vastu

Overhead water tanks are the ones, that are placed on the roof or terrace of the home. It uses the force of gravity to bring the water to the ground level for further usage.

They are ideal for the people who are looking for more economic option, easier installation and maintenance. Changing the position of these tanks are tedious, yet feasible, in case of severe vastu defect placement.

Out of the 8 directions mentioned above, the south-west is the direction of earth element. So, placing the overhead water tank is best option of them all. It is followed by west and then south. You must never consider north, north-west, or north-east for placing an overhead water tank.

However, there are certain vastu guidelines according to the colors, for overhead water tanks. Lets take a quick glance at them, one by one;

Placement of overhead water tank in South-West direction:

Best recommended colors- yellow. White and grey can also be considered.

Colors to avoid- best, black, blue, green, brown. Red, and orange colors are not advised either.

Placement of overhead water tank in West direction:

Best recommended colors- white, grey and yellow. Black and blue colors can be considered as well.

Colors to avoid- Red, orange, green, brown.

Placement of overhead water tank in South direction:

Best recommended colors- Yellow, red, orange. Green and brown colors can be considered as well.

Colors to avoid- black, blue, grey, white,

Placement of overhead water tank in North direction:

For overhead water tank, avoid all north zones. Placing the same on these directions can bring severe health complications and financial losses.

Best time to seek ideal water tank placement tips as per vastu

Since, water tanks vastu is very critical to determine the overall vastu of your home; it is best to seek consultation for them, right when you are making the blue print or floor plan. It can be easily done with the guidance from a vastu expert.

Once, the construction of the home is finished, it is going to be a lot more challenging to make any alteration, especially for underground water tanks. Moreover, by the time, you can address the vastu defect and make the alteration, the ill-effects of the same will hamper the lives of your family.

Alternatively, you can consider making alteration to your water tank (if it is found placed in wrong orientation) when you are remodelling or restructuring your ancestral home.

What to do if you already have such a vastu defect?

If you own a plot and are looking forward to make a home, you can easily ensure having the best placement for your water tank. However, doing so can be challenging in case you live in a rented property or have purchased an apartment.

You can neither make alteration without permission from the owners, nor you can make a separate overhead water tank for your flat. So, in such a case, you have no option but to live with Water tank vastu defects, which can cause harm to you and your family.

For these circumstances, it is extremely important to make sure seek an expert vastu expert and discuss your options. They might suggest some vastu tips to restore the balance or counteract the ill-effects of the vastu doshas.

To achieve this, they might offer installing certain vastu items in some specific place. You need one-to-one vastu consultation to know more about the same.

Vastu tips for water tanks from expert vastu specialists

There are several Water tank vastu tips offered by experts that can further increase the balance of the home. So, implement the following vastu tips to improvise the vastu of your water tank.

  1. Always make sure that the water tank is cleaned routinely. It makes sure no negative energy forms around the tanks.

  2. Always keep the tanks covered completely.

  3. Make sure the water tanks have no leakage or seepage.

  4. Make sure the overhead tank is not placed directly over the kitchen or the bathroom.

  5. Try to keep separate compartments and pipeline for supplying water to kitchen and bathroom.

  6. Make sure the underground water tank and the septic tanks are not located in the same zone. It disturbs the energy field around it and also increases the chances of contamination.

  7. Though plastic water tanks are most common, try to go for concreate or metal for water storage tank for best result, if possible.

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