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Role of Vastu Shastra in Securing a Good Job

Vastu Shastra plays a very crucial role for people in jobs. Vastu for home is somewhere linked with our personal progress in office, support from seniors or bosses, promotion & growth, recognition, getting opportunities etc. It has been observed that a vastu balanced home proves beneficial in terms of corporate growth. Each direction as per Vastu is responsible for some particular attributes in our lives.

North Direction as per Vastu

North direction, when calculated from center of the house, primarily governs the job opportunities, promotions and salary increment in life. In case, North direction is imbalanced as per Vastu, our job life may be challenging. It is advised to keep this direction free of clutter or any negative things.

Every direction has its own characteristics and tatvas, like North direction belongs to the Jal tatv. Water in North should have flow ability. Any kind of potential energy makes the North imbalanced. Only a balanced north direction can bring good inflow of opportunities in life, especially in terms of source of income and wealth. If things are not working out for anybody, sometimes It is advisable to use blue or white shade colors in this direction and observe the difference. Hues of Blue and bright white adds some kinetic energy and helps to keep North balanced as per Vastu Shastra. Few colors are strictly not advised in any form in north direction of home as they may cause challenges and/or blockage in job.

Vastu-Balanced Home attracts opportunities

All the above-mentioned directions need to be free from any kind of negative emission of energy like toilet, dustbin or clutter. Kitchen is also not advisable in any of the above directions, excluding south. Having the above-mentioned negative features in an otherwise beneficial direction leads to troubles in job life. For Example, if kitchen or toilet is built in North direction, the resident will keep repeatedly feeling job- or growth-related challenges in his career. With advancement of science, various techniques are now in place & working miraculously to nullify the effect of wrong Vastu without any demolition or reconstruction. A learned Vastu expert can guide you the remedial measures to treat the toilet or kitchen, without any reconstruction. In addition, if colors are not as per Vastu, our Best Vastu experts in India recommends balancing colors to be added to nullify the effect of anti-colors, without any re-construction.

1. Growth in Jobs

A wonderful Vastu tip for those who are looking for growth in job. Growth in job is somewhat related to East Direction. East has characteristics of Vayu tatva. Vayu tatva when expanded includes Plants, trees & vegetation representing growth factor. Adding healthy green plants or a garden in East direction is beneficial for growth.

2. Office Politics

Vastu tip to survive Office politics: North-West direction is taken into consideration primarily for this purpose. Be it support from seniors, bosses or colleagues, energy balanced North-West direction ensures you get the right support as & when required. Any Vastu imbalances in this direction leads to challenges from seniors or bosses, thus leading to a challenging job life. We advise to place a team picture or company logo in this direction after optimizing its energy.

3. Rewards & Recognition

South direction is one of the very important direction to bring you the recognition of your efforts. Placement of Rewards & Recognition should be given much attention to pave the way for a better future. Placing your certificates, achievements, trophies and awards in this direction after balancing the energy, enhances the chances of a higher level of fame and popularity in the office.

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