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Vastu Shastra: Common Considerations & Vastu Dosh Correction

The battle between science and old-school thoughts in never-ending and many times victory seems inclined towards science. However, the netizen driven by the power of advanced science and technology are bound to take a pause when it is about investing their hard-earned huge amount in a property purchase and prefer consulting everyone-everything that can make this a win-win deal for them. The first expert they choose, after a finalizing the property to be purchased, is a Vastu consultant, who can assess the score of auspiciousness of the property they intend to buy. By any chance, if the review by Vastu expert isn’t in the favour of purchase the battle between science and old-school thoughts gets intense. However modern people go but in such matters, no one likes to take a chance. In such cases when the property is meeting all the requirements of buyer the deal gets paused at property’s Vastu issues, while some people take a chance and proceed further, others prefer to step back.

If you are also facing such dilemma, firstly get clarity on the importance of Vastu compliance in a property purchase.

What Is Vastu? Vastu Shastra is the science of architecture which incorporates the traditional Hindu and Buddhist beliefs to balance the energies in the environment. Getting a Vastu Shastra consultation for a home ensures that the architect of the building resonates and integrates with nature to bring positive energies. A house turns into a home only when it has the right kind of energies that can make a positive influence on those dwelling within. You home architects your destiny and that’s why it is essential to ensure that your house is in compliance with Vastu to have positive energy surrounding everyone and everything.

Common Vastu Consideration There are various Vastu considerations that can integrate the architecture of your house with nature. Here are some of the common Vastu considerations for:

  • Balance of energies: There are different ways in which one can balance the energies inside the house. You can de-clutter the mess in the house, have wide windows to keep fresh air and natural light enter, add wind chimes etc., to balance energies. Also choose the right colors like green for North direction, violet for West, yellow for South, red/orange for east etc.

  • Entrance: The main entrance of the house should always be facing north, north-east, east, or west. It should be the largest door in the house and have adequate light. Avoid placing any mirror on the main door as it would bounce back the energies. Having green plants in the entrance is also considered auspicious for entrance according to Vastu.

  • Ventilation: Avoid having windows in the South. To complete the positive cycle, windows should be placed opposite the main doors.

If Property Isn’t Vastu Friendly Get the shortcoming reviewed by an expert. You can find Vastu Shastra Consultants in Kanpur, Lucknow, Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai metro cities.

Once the issues are listed get the idea on remedies and corrections. There are several common defects found in properties based on Vastu Shastra but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on that property. You can get the correction for common Vastu dosh to make it Vastu complaint. Here are some of the common corrections for a property that isn’t property friendly.

  • Add Vastu-friendly paintings like that of waterfalls, goldfish, flowing rivers, flying birds etc., to bring positivity even in a home that isn’t Vastu friendly.

  • For those looking for corrections to achieve financial stability, add windchimes at the entrance and bathroom entrance. You can also keep money plant and bamboo plant to welcome wealth.

  • Keep the house clean and use sea salt and gau mutra (cow urine) to wipe clean the house to get rid of negative energies.

  • Avoid putting beds under the beam to keep any negativity or extra stress at bay.

  • There are various other yagya/pujas and vedic remedies to correct Vastu Dosh. You can get Navgrah Shanti puja, Vastu Purush puja, Ganesh Puja, Shanti Path, Navchandi yagya, and Agnihotri yagya etc., to ensure positivity even in a home that isn’t Vastu friendly.

Try these remedies yourself to correct your home from any Vastu dosh. Usually, Vastu experts seek a remedy to lower down the impact of Vastu shortcoming, without major renovation work. In case a renovation is required to correct the Vastu dosha, you should get an estimated budget and try to negotiate the deal.

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