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Vastu for Study Table

Vastu for study table is extremely important to ensure the overall vastu of the room it is placed. But what exactly is the significance of study table’s vastu, many people wonders.

In this following blog, we will explore the significance and guidelines associated with Vastu for study table.

Study table is a must have accessory in children’s room. In case you have a separate study room, you need to have one in this section as well.

But for most cases, it is the children’s room study table that we refer to and will discuss in this blog as well.

The role of study table for students

Before exploring the significance of vastu for study table, we must first understand why it is crucial to have a study table in every student’s room.

Apart from the school hours, students also need to study a significant time at home itself. It includes completing the home works and assignment allocated from school and also staying prepared for exams.

Having a study table comes handy for this. Study table allows the student to keep their study materials organized. It enables them to have a quick glance at all their books and notebooks etc at once.

This is particularly useful for students studying in the higher classes, as they need to study lots of reference books as well, apart from the school books.

Moreover, the habit of sitting on chair with study table promotes good posture among students and also offers motivation to study with more concentration.

In some households, where students does not have access to study table, end up sitting on either bed or floor for the same purpose.

Needless to say, this end up causing strain in their backbone and they develop cramps and body ache. Moreover, this arrangement triggers lethargy and fatigue among students.

From the perspective of both vastu experts and doctors, it is highly recommended to use a study table. Thus, we can conclude that having a study table is crucial for every student.

Needless to say, constructive environment is also quite crucial in this regard. This is when the Vastu for study table comes into picture.

Significance of Vastu for study table

As per vastu shastra, the right placement of the objects in the home is crucial to ensure its good vastu. With right Vastu for study table, you can make sure that your kid gets the maximum benefits out of it.

In order to perform well in academics, it is crucial to ensure that the children has adequate concentration and can build and retain memories.

When you stick to the guidelines of Vastu for study table; your child can ensure maximum concentration while studying. Also, it can help build academic related memories.

The student will be able to sit to study longer and stay motivated to perform well in exams. All in all, the students are more likely to excel in studies.

In case the vastu rules for the study table is ignored, it can give rise to many vastu defects and as a result, the student is more likely to always remain mediocre even with potential and sufficient resources.

What comes under Vastu for study table?

The Vastu for study table includes multiple factors, just like the complete vastu for home requires overview of numerous aspects.

The 2 major factors are- the ideal placement of the study table and the orientation towards which the student need to face while studying.

Apart from these, the material, color and shape of the study table can influence the Vastu for study table as well.

Together, they construct the most favorable environment for the child to thrive better in his or her studies.

Let us explore these factors, one by one.

Ideal placement of the Study Table

This is the most crucial aspect to ensure good Vastu for study table. If this zone is correct, it will improvise various aspects of the student’s performance.

As per vastu consultant, the West of South West (WSW) direction of the house is the best zone for placing the study table. The second best option is the North East zone of the house.

If neither of the above is available, you can consider South West (SW) zone as well. They are fruitful for all students irrespective of other details of their education.

Apart from these some zones can also be auspicious for Vastu for study table, but only for certain students. For instance-

  • East zone can be considered for placing study table, but only if the student is engaged with political science.

  • South of South East (SSE) zone has been found more suitable for students who are very active in yoga, sports, and physical education subjects.

  • South East (SE) zone will be more fruitful for those who are pursuing career in the fields of law and police.

  • The zone West of South West (WSW) is highly beneficial for school students.

  • The west zone is auspicious for students who pursue studies related to accountancy.

  • The North West (NW) zone is likely to bring good results for home science, retail investment related disciplines.

  • The north zone will be more fruitful for the students who are preparing for the competitive exams.

Zones to avoid for placing the study table

Along with knowing the best zones; it is also important to now, which ones to avoid while placing the study table.

  • Vastu expert recommends avoiding the zone of bathroom for placing the study table in. These are West of North West (WNW) and South of South West (SSW), and East of South East (ESE).

  • Moreover, avoid the zones of East of North East (ENE), North of North West (NNW) and south Zone while setting up the study table.

Make sure to avoid all these above mentioned zones altogether. Doing so is considered as a flaw in Vastu for study table and can hamper the academics of the student drastically.

They will find it extremely difficult to focus on studies and will retain poorly, no matter how well they are taught.

In case it is challenging to do so, because of limited space in your house; make sure to consult with vastu expert to get useful vastu remedies.

Direction of facing while studying

Once the zone is decided, the next factor of Vastu for study table emerges as the direction towards which the student faces while studying.

This includes various factors. They depend upon the level of education of the student and the field/discipline they are engaged in.

In general the following conclusion can be offered from the aspect of vastu shastra-

  • For Science student,the best zone is facing towards west.

  • For Law student, the best zone is facing towards south.

  • For Politics or administration associated studies, the best zone if facing towards North.

  • For students engaged in Arts and religious, the best zone is facing towards East.

Apart from these general guidelines, the orientation can differ greatly. For instance, for a student engrossed in research work, the best facing is the East of south east zone (ESE).

The same changes to North East (NE) zone, for student pursuing MBA or aspiring for IAS preparation.

To know which exact zone is most fruitful for your child, you need to get complete analysis of Vastu for study table from an expert vastu consultant.

Other vastu guidelines to ensure good Vastu for study table

Some other vastu guidelines also can affect the Vastu for study table. These are related to the material, shape and surrounding of the study table area. Let us take a quick glance at some of them.

  1. It is recommended having a study table that is either square or rectangle in shape.

  2. Wood is the element of nature; it is best to get the study table in this material.

  3. Other materials like, plastic, fiber etc can be considered as well, but try to avoid metal ones, as their corners can cause injury.

  4. Make to that the study table is not jammed against the wall. Keep a small gap, to facilitate air flow. It will help to keep this space free, clean and thus will bring fresh ideas to the students.

  5. Keep the study table and its surrounding clean and clutter free.

  6. Avoid keeping a mirror or electronic gadget like TV or computer in the room, as it can cause too much distraction.

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