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Vastu For Shops And Commercial Buildings

Let’s face it! If you own a shop or a commercial space, you want your business to do well.

In this era, where there is limited space, or at least you don’t have much say in the kind of space that would be available, you have to make do with whatever you get regardless of the auspicious direction, neighborhood, size, etc.

Also, the world has become an extremely competitive space as it is. You need to take care of the ever-increasing competition and struggle to become successful in whatever you take up. You want your space (for the shop or commercial buildings) to be lucky for you and take your business to newer heights.

However, a few right changes to the space would help fulfill your wishes of having any space turned into an auspicious one bringing you tons of luck, well-being, prosperity, and happiness.

All you need here is the application of the correct Vastu Shastra principles.

What is Vastu Shastra and how it can help you?

Vastu Shastra is the traditional and ancient Indian Science of Architecture that lays down the guidelines for designing the various residential and commercial spaces to help the inhabitants live in peace and harmony with nature and its elements that work together with the constructed space to bring in lots of positive vibes, prosperity, and happiness as well.

The five important natural elements that Vastu Shastra takes into consideration are:

  • Sky

  • Earth

  • Water

  • Air

  • Fire

Each one of these has a positive and negative impact on our lives. And Vastu Shastra works towards designing the spaces in accordance with these forces to attract the positive energies only and keep the negative ones at bay.

However, it is always better to start working on applying the principles of Vastu Shastra as early as possible during the construction or rather just before starting with the construction to derive the best results out of that space.

Well, Vastu Shastra is not only limited to the residential spaces but also has its impact on the commercial buildings and shops as well.

If applied correctly by an expert, you can definitely see the fruits of a highly successful business by working in tandem with the natural forces and helping attract all the positive energies in your workspace.

Vastu Shastra has been proved beneficial to the inhabitants time and again.

Rules of Vastu Shasta for Shops and Commercial buildings

Usually, any Vastu Shastra expert would help you look upon a few things and suggest you some changes in the following areas of your shop/commercial building:

  • The location of the complex where the shop/building is based

  • The shape and the ratio of the plot of the complex also needs to be taken into account

  • The direction of the entrance to the shop/commercial building

  • The direction of the staircase inside the complex

  • The direction and location of the washrooms available in the shop/building

  • The direction and location of the pantry or kitchen in the shop/building

  • The location of the Pooja Ghar and why you should have one in the shop/building, which you should be worshipping regularly

  • The direction of the water pipes and other water bodies

  • The direction of the windows and doors in the shop/building

  • The location of the reception area

  • The location of the storage spaces

  • The location of the balcony or other open spaces in the shop or building

  • The location of the main electrical points, and so on.

Even the colors of the walls and the direction of the walls can have a positive/negative impact on the space. It is highly advisable that you use extremely bright, light, or vibrant tones of colors for the walls of your shop to help reflect the light properly.

Vastu Shastra also works on the exteriors such as the neighboring area, buildings, streets, etc., and helps you with a peaceful environment even in our chaotic world.

Every businessman wants his/her space to be extremely beneficial to them and be profitable for their business as well.

Not only that, Vastu Shastra also helps in determining the positioning of the furniture in the shops and commercial buildings along with the kind of decorative items that you place, or even the plants that you put in the space. All this is done to bring in the positive energies and make the space extremely fruitful for the businesses.

It is also highly recommended that you do the Vastu Pujan or Bhumi Pujan of the space, as guided by the Vastu Shastra consultant before starting your business there.

This ensures the welcoming of positive energies into the commercial space or your shop.


Therefore, in order to make your business successful in the available space, considering the highly populated areas in the cities these days, you certainly need to consult the best Vastu Shastra Expert/Consultant, to derive the best out of your shop or commercial building for your business.

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