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Vastu For Manufacturing Units

Vastu For Factories

The principles and aspects of Vaastu applies to every space where we spend our significant part of the day. We do spend most of our time not just at our homes, but also at our workplace. Our offices, industrial plants, manufacturing units, shop, showroom at some commercial complex, every space vibrates with a certain energy as per it’s Vastu. The impact of Vastu Dosha (imbalances), if any, are felt by everyone working there.

Depending on the product and the process involved in the manufacturing, with respect to requirement of the market which the industry is catering to, the industrial plants can be vastu balanced for better productivity and higher gains.

It is always advisable to erect a completely Vastu compliant new industrial unit following all relevant Vastu principles to reap the maximum output of your efforts and resources. But sometimes due to never ending challenges, an existing plant may also need Vastu energy corrections. Experienced team of Pt. Deepak Pandey has best Vastu Experts who has vast industrial experience of working with many Multinational companies and has given Vastu advise for their industrial units in different countries across the globe. Needless to mention that the results has always been encouraging for the promoters.

Vastu correction techniques doesn’t need any demolition or reconstruction to get the results even when applied to existing industries.

It is a prerequisite for existing buildings to understand the areas of concern and then only precise solutions are derives to avoid unnecessary hassles of constructional changes. Adding few points on solution centric approach of our best Vastu experts for industries.

Main Entrance

The entrance to the factory or Office governs what enters and exits the business. Having it in a positive location or treating it if that’s not in a good direction shall help your business grow.

Even the location of Office inside factory, the water sources, septic tanks, colours, location of raw materials etc if decided as per Vastu Principles will help the business grow in leaps and bounds.


Keeping furnace, boiler etc. in South-East and keeping a heaviest machinery in SW is considered to be ideal but most of the times process line doesn’t allow the ideal arrangements. When South East is not available for fire related process, even then at other places, our learned Vastu experts neutralise it’s harmful effect to the business. With simple and cost effective practical techniques (No Yantra- No Tantra), relocation of big machine is avoided.

Finished Goods

Placement of finished goods, if decided as per proper knowledge of Vastu Techniques will provide a running sale and avoid dead stock. Also managing the directions with colours, placement of objects etc can boost up the sales of good.

Labour & Staff Area

Sometimes, when staff or labour is not able to give the desired output, there is a possibility that they are occupying some negative areas in the factory. By assigning positive energy locations to the staff as per their skill, one can yield high efficiency and optimum output from their man power.

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