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Vastu & Five Elements (Panchtatvas)

Vastu Balancing of Five ELements

Panchtatva word is the combination of two words “panch” that is five and “tatva” means elements . Panchtatva are basically 5 elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether, ether meaning the sky or space. These five elements are not only those that comprise the Universe, but also what we are made up of and they are part of every aspect of our life. Whether it is Yoga, Ayurveda, Healing or Vastu. Each one is based on the balance of these 5 elements in our body or in the environment around us. Even in astrology each planet and zodiac sign is also associated with one element that describes its basic nature. These 5 elements are permanent and they are beyond the touch of change as they form the very basic building blocks of universe.

The five elements have the precise and vital part play in our life and wellbeing. This is because our body, mind and soul are collectively associated as well as affected by these elements.

We get our food from Earth and at the end of our life our body also returns to the earth. Water makes up more than 75% of our total body weight. Fire represents the body heat and radiant energy and exists in all metabolic and chemical actions. Air flows throughout our body and feeds each cell with oxygen. It is also the part of each metabolic activity. Space is all around us.

Each of the five elements has a certain relationship with the other elements, based on their nature. These relationships form the laws of nature.

If these elements are in balance in your home they will bring you luck and fortune. When water is in the balanced state it will create more opportunities, provides better immunity and if earth is in balanced state it induces stability in life, career, behavior and relationships.

Any imbalance among these five elements can be cause of problems in your life. For example air in imbalanced state can cause anger problem, problems with the neighbors, or feeling of being stuck; where as when fire is imbalanced it can cause accidents, thefts, and ill-fame.

You can reach to us to know more about these 5 elements and how they play a vital role in our day to day life. We can help you to find out if your house is vastu compliant as per these 5 elements and in case of non compliance provide you with easy remedies.

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