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Updated: Dec 25, 2023

Vastu shastra tips for bedroom advised that one should avoid placing safes in a bedroom. However, if in necessary conditions, they can be placed on the wall facing south or in the south direction. According to the vastu shastra for room, the southwest corner of a room should always have some adornment and not be empty at any time. Bedroom as per vastu recommended that Bedrooms should not have any calendars, photos, idols or statues. One should avoid keeping rooms in total darkness. Instead a side-bulb or a night lamp should always be lit, advised vastu tips for master bedroom. Suggested vastu colours for the walls of bedrooms are light rose, dark blue or dark green. One should avoid colours like light yellow or white. Your bedroom colours should be warm and rich earth tone. A hot red and orange colours should be avoided in the bedroom as they represent strong energy not suitable for peaceful resting. Pink and lavender are the colours of love and using them in the bedroom can increase bonding in the relationship. A bedroom in the North East This direction should not have any bedroom since it is the sacred space of the house.

Vastu is a science which deals with the creation of harmonious energy field in the environment. Surrounding with positive vibration cheers your heart as well as the surrounding premises. If you have decided to select a suitable partner or want to improve your love life, vastu is here to help. Proper placement and correction of energy in your bedroom helps to attract love energy in your room. Vastu guides on the direction of the bed rooms in the house based on the function & its uses. More strength in the personal and professional life is assured if the master bed is located in the south-west direction of the house. This is the prime requirement according to Vastu. Also, Location of children room, guest bedroom, Couple’s bedroom etc should be allocated under the guidance of Vastu expert. Placements of Mirror, Safe and, also wardrobe should be carefully done to have a positive effect of Vastu. Bed room location other than south-west needs a strong Vastu correction. Use harmony crystals, relationship paintings, love symbols etc. to correct Vastu defects of the bedroom. Use bed direction vastu in a way that While sleeping, the head of a guest should not be facing the north direction. If that does happen, the owner’s head should face eastwards or southwards while sleeping. By following the right vastu for bed, design your bed in way that while getting out bed, one’s right foot should touch the ground first and then the left foot. To yield successful outcomes, room vastu suggested that if one studies in the room, she should face eastwards.

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