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Updated: Jan 24, 2022

According to vastu best plots are those that are rectangular or square in shape. Such site brings good

fortune for the owner. Most of the industries are located in the outskirts of cities in a huge piece of land.

The area should also provide an attractive place for the staff and the visitors to sit or walk in during their

break time.

The internal requirement of all plots are different depending on the Date of the Birth of the owner.

Making proper use of the Vastu principles or remedies will make your industry environment a

productive space where your business and the employee’s getting involved in it can thrive. It is believed

that all the activities pertaining to accounts and legal procedures of the organization should be confined

to east zone. If it is a dairy plant, the plastic bags should be stored in south. If you are operating a cold

drinks or ice cream plant, make sure that the fridge and other cooling plants are located in the south-

east corner or in the south corner. In case of a chemical factory, the boiler should be installed in the

south-eastern corner or in the south. A compound wall is a must for any Industry. Toilets, be it in the

administrative building or in any other part of plots, should be built in southeast or northwest direction.

If a septic tank has to be built for that purpose, it should be placed in between north of northwest or

between east of southeast. Heavy raw materials stores can be planned in southwest, south or west

direction, while semi processed materials need to be stocked in south or west side. Light and auxiliary

machines, work equipments and tools should be kept in eastern or northern sides, avoiding northeast,

northwest and southeast corners completely. Water pumps, bore-wells underground water tanks,

pumps etc. are best located in northeast area only. If overhead tanks are to be constructed or erected,

they should be located in the West, SouthWest and Northeast area must be avoided for erecting an

overhead water tank. No garbage should be dumped in the Northeast corner of the building or at the

site, north or the east corner should always be kept free and clean. Weighing machine may be located

near the gate either in north or east because that area is not subjected to permanent

weight.mTransformers, generators, motors, boilers, furnaces, oil engines should be kept in SouthEast or

close to pandey

Plot with missing corner should be avoided. It can be used only if corrections are possible with vastu

remedies. Plot with extended corner other than north east creates different kind of vastu defect based

on its extended directions. Plot with road towards north and east brings more prosperity. Plot with T

junction should be avoided for any business. It results in heavy losses to the owner with frequent

obstacles. Plot with Bad veedhi shola should be avoided. It is not progressive for business or industry.

Plot with a slope towards north east is an excellent choice as per vastu shastra. Plot with Slope towards

the south, south-west, south-east, north-west brings downfall for the business. Plot with waterbody at

the north, northeast or east brings success to the business. The Flow of water should not be towards the


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