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Vaastu Tips for Relationship

Follow these tips to maintain a cordial relationship with your family and partner.

You must have noticed, sometimes we don’t feel comfortable in certain places while some places are within our best comfort zone. We fail to rectify a proper reason for these different emotions. We are not aware of the environment surrounds us. We fail to understand that, the disharmony, arguments, chaos, stress, discontent could possibly the effect of the environment. Every individual is different from others, so maintaining a loving relationship often seems challenging. However, it can be maintained by balancing your emotions and following the principles of Vaastu. Among the five elements, the earth can influence your personal relationship. These following Vaastu Tips would help you to balance all relationships be it parental, marital, or your relationship with children.

Untidiness can hinder the way of positivity in your home. Clutter obstructs the flow of positive energy. The bedroom should be placed in the southwest direction to elevate relationships. You should sleep with head towards the south. Avoid dark colours on the bedroom wall and it should be left dark. Do not use round shaped bed. A bed should not be placed between doors. Don’t place the mirror in the bedroom, if it is already there do not place it in front of the mirror. If there is an attached bathroom, the door should be kept shut. The placement of kitchen in a home plays a great role in determining the relationship within a family. Do not place artificial or dry flowers, rather put fresh flowers.Crystals and rose quartz bring peace and tranquillity in relationships.

Always put the pillows and artefact in pair.

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