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Vaastu Tips for Health

Follow these Vaastu Tips for better health and spirit.

Vaastu of your living place attains the three P’s of life, Peace, Progress and Prosperity. The water element of Mother Nature influences the condition of our health, as we know our body contains 60% of water. The positioning of things in north-east direction affects the human body in a great way. If the principle of Vaastu is followed in positioning things, furnishing and constructing your home it can enhance our health’s condition.

Keep you face towards North-East or East direction while drinking water. It brings good health and energy. Shades of Sky blue, pink, off white, light cream of your home is best suited for good health. Do not place your bed under beams. Placement of Kitchen plays a vital role in determining the health condition. Keep your bed three inches away from the wall. Avoid making toilets and kitchens under the usable space of the staircase. Sleep with head towards south and east. Light a candle or lamp regularly in the north-east direction for better health. Planting of basil and tulsi purifies the air of the house. Avoids milky plants, especially, bonsai, cactus, etc. Bed with storage space can cause heart-related disease, avoid wrought iron beds. Wooden beds are best for good health. Do not place the mirror in front of the bed, it causes nightmare. Avoid constructing toilets and kitchen on the same wall. Place these two at a distance. Ensure the taps of your house do not drip constantly, it produces negative energy and deterioration in health.

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