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Vaastu Tips for Education

These Vaastu Tips will enhance your academic performance.

You must have noticed, in spite of giving 100%, many students fail to accomplish their desired position in academics. A good tutor can make their students knowledgeable, however, his performance in the exam may not be satisfied enough. The environment of your study room can affect your academic career. If your study room is fabricated as per the principle of Vaastu Shastra it could possibly enhance your performance to a great extent. This Vaastu Tips will help

you to reconstruct your study room for a better result:

Face north or east while studying, it promotes good memory. The ideal direction of the study room is north-east. The study table should be clean and tidy. An adequate amount of natural light and air should be there is the study room. While sitting on the study table the shadow should not befall upon the books or table. The shape of the table should be square or rectangular. Never face the toilet or back of the toilet while studying. The placement of the study table is important. It should be placed facing east or north. Avoid using red colour in the children’s room or furniture. Never place shoes under a study table. Windows should be placed on east, north or west wall. Maintain a slight gap between the table and wall, so that creativity and new ideas can be generated.

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