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Tips to Improve the Vastu of your House

In today’s fast and competitive world, it has become very important to have positive energy around you. Hence, you must have the right energy in your house and to do so you need to consider Vastu. Many people in Indi

a look at Vastu before buying a flat or a house. However, some people do not believe in it and just buy the house they like. But when they have some low times, they consider looking at Vastu. To get the right house with positive energy, you can get in touch with a Vastu consultant in India who can guide you to choose the house that will bring you positivity and success. But if you have already bought a house with keeping this in mind, then you can make your changes. However, this does not mean that you have to make any structural changes. You can make simple changes within the house to get positivity. Change your Entrance Light The entrance is where all your positive energy tries to enter. However, if your entrance light is dim, it brings in negativity and dullness. Hence, make sure that you put a bright light. Bright light also improves the mood of a person. Avoid Keeping the TV in your Bedroom A bedroom is usually facing the Northeast or Southwest corner. Hence, you should avoid keeping your TV or computer in your bedroom. You should keep it in your study room or living room which is facing the Southeast corner. Also, keeping a TV or computer in your bedroom is not as good as it tends to strain the eyes more. Avoid Planting Cactus in the House Cactus is considered to be a bad thing when it comes to Vastu. Hence, any expert in the field will advise you not to plant cactus in the house. However, keeping holy plants such as tulsi is considered good. You can consult the expert to know the place where it needs to be kept. Place an Aquarium in the House Keeping an aquarium is considered very good for the house. You can keep it in the northeast corner of your house. However, some consultants will advise you to have nine goldfish and a blackfish in your aquarium for positive vibes and good omen. Do not Keep Unwanted Items at Home Who does not like to have a clean house? But many times, it happens that you end up collecting things that are not required. You also do not want to throw torn clothes thinking you may be able to fix them. However, as per any Vastu consultant in India, it is not good to have such items in the house. Keeping them prevent Laxmi (Goddess of wealth) to enter your house. Choose your Marble Floors Wisely Marbles are considered holy and hence, it should not be used in bathrooms, bedrooms, or toilets. However, using marbles in the puja room is very good as it attracts light and helps in air circulation. Do not Keep Sad Pictures Hanging depressing pictures on your walls can bring in negativity. Hence, you should make sure that you do keep such pictures in your house. But make sure to keep bright and lively pictures such as laughing children, sunrise, greenery, sceneries, etc. These pictures bring positive vibes around the house and the people around you. Your House Should be Airy Many people buy a house without considering air ventilation. These houses may look compact and nice for a small family, but as per the experts, they do not bring positive energy. Positivity comes through air ventilation and brightness across the house. Hence, make sure that your house is airy and gets enough light.

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