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Study Room Vastu Tips

  1. Place study room in West, East or North-East of a home.

  2. Student, while reading must face either East or North direction.

  3. Provide windows in learning area in East, North or West wall.

  4. Provide doors of study room in North-East, North, East or West.

  5. Avoid doors in South-East, North-West and South-West corners of Study Room.

  6. Do not sit below beam while reading.

  7. Study place should have ample amount of light.

  8. Student should not face blank wall or window while learning.

  9. Space between student and wall in front facilitates open mentality and new ideas come to mind.

  10. A solid wall behind student signifies support.

  11. Avoid toilets in study place as far as possible.

  12. Provide a bathroom in reading room.

  13. Provide book rack or book shelf in East or North wall of reading area.

  14. If books are kept in South-West corner, then they remain untouched.

  15. The books kept in North-West corner gets stolen by someone.

  16. The book shelf should never be located over or above study table.

  17. Use square or rectangular study table for best results.

  18. If study table is rectangular then, length:breadth should always be less than or equal to 1:2 e.g if the length of study table is 4 foot then have breadth between 2 to 8 feet.

  19. Keep the study table some inches (at least an inch) away from wall.

  20. Vastu for reading room suggests that room should have images of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Saraswati.

  21. If student uses a table lamp then place the lamp in South-East corner of study table.

  22. You can keep a computer in South-East corner of study place.

  23. Placing a pyramid in study place balances energies an increases memory power.

  24. Mount a pendulum clock on North Wall of study area.

  25. Use light and soothing colors for walls.

  26. Keep the study place clutter and noise free.

Hope above study room vastu shastra tips helps you to gain confidence and concentration in studies.

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