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Updated: Dec 25, 2023

Staircases – or stairs for short – are an important part of each and every multistory house.

Stairs allow you to move from one level of home to another level – easily and fluently.

What You Must DO

  1. Construct staircase in South-West corner or West or South directions in a home.

  2. You can construct external staircase in South-East facing East, South-West facing West, North-West facing North and South-West facing South.

  3. Vastu for Staircase suggests that while going up via stairs, one must climb towards West or South; and while descending one should descend towards East or North. Provide a turn in any direction due to paucity of the land.

  4. Keep the stairs clockwise as far as possible.

  5. Use the area under a stair as store place.

  6. Provide a roof sloping towards East or North at the top of staircase.

  7. Keep the number of steps odd. Make sure that the number of risers when divided by 3 leaves 2 as remainder. E.g. 5, 11, 17 etc.

  8. Use light and soothing colors for a Staircase. Avoid red and black color for stairs.

  9. Repair broken stairs immediately else it may cause accident and conflict in family due to mental tension.

What You Must AVOID

  1. The staircase must never be in the North-East side of the home.

  2. If the staircase is in the North-East of the home then there will be financial and business losses; also the head of the family will be in debt.

  3. Avoid stairs in the center of a home. Keep the center of the home free as this is the Brahmasthan.

  4. Spiral stairs are not recommended as per Vastu as they cause bad health.

  5. If a staircase if encircling the building then it will lead to calamities.

  6. One must never keep almirah or cash locker under a staircase.

  7. The first step of any stair should never be round or circular.

  8. Stairs in a home should never start or end from/in Kitchen, Pooja/Prayer Room, Store Room or Strong Room.

  9. Do not have Pooja Room, toilet or Cash/Strong room under any staircase.

  10. If the space is less and staircase constructed in South-East or North-West then it may, to some, extent affect health of children in the family.

  11. Avoid circular or round steps as far as possible.

  12. If a staircase is build in the South-West (the best place) of a home, and room is available at the end of the stairs, then no one should occupy the room. If someone does occupy the room then he will fall sick, will have breathing problems; blood circulation will become slow and will start suffering from rare diseases.

  13. The steps going to upper floor must never be the same stairs that go to the basement or cellar.

Since now, you have all the required information on staircase vastu, I hope and believe that you will now be able to make the staircase in your home a vastu compliant one.

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