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Single woman


Modern age and cosmopolitan life style today have changed the socio-cultural environment the world over...

GROWING acceptability of gender equality and reduced class and caste barriers offer options of peaceful independent yet society fulfilled life..

All these factors lead to individuals exercising their option of leading self selected life which until recently was not possible due to economic,social cultural and emotional pressures..

The outcome of this is the higher incidence of single women.....

SINGLE WOMAN who have either by choice or by chance accepted a life without spouses and or children . these women lead their life with due respect from their peers...

We will analysis horoscopes of single women to determine the factors that led to their single status..

Factors leading to single status predominantly overlap with factors influencing delayed marriage ..

The fine difference between the two needs to be carefully identified and analysed..... time

Pt.Deeepak Pandey astrologer India


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