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Importance Of Vastu For New Home

Residential Vastu

Usually we keep hearing about Vastu and importance of Vastu when a new home is being planned, from our elders. Moving into a home built by their own efforts is like a dream come true for everyone. For most this is usually possible only once in their lifetime as it involves lots of resources in terms of time, money and skills. One always wants to be sure that their new home brings them a healthy life full of abundance. Sometimes, for few the actual experience is completely opposite unfortunately. Often it happens in many of the cases, people do mention that shifting to a new home, has been life transforming but negatively.

The process of building up a home normally begins with the selection of a plot or a flat. This particular decision depends on multiple parameters, most important of them is, availability of funds (budget) and feasibility of location. In the whole excitement one tends to forget to check the energies of that space and to sense if it is good for us. The land / earth itself has energies integral for the growth and prosperity of its occupants.

•Once the property is selected, the role of an architect or interior designer comes into picture. It’s been a trend now since some time that Architects volunteer to plan the layout of the house as per Vaastu Principles. This is often the most common yet expensive mistake one can commit. Architects are surely masters of their own field, but not necessarily have required knowledge about Vaastu principles.

•The situation becomes grim as Architects and Interior Designers work on approximations on Vaastu, Obviously because it’s not their area of expertise. Aligning Kitchen in South East, Bedroom in South West & Temple in North East is not sufficient to balance the energies of the home as per Vaastu. Always engage the subject expert who has ample practical knowledge of real time cases. This is applicable for every specific job not just Vaastu.

•One more challenge that arises is that architects and Interior designer are more inclined to erect some design element which is in trend and establishes their skill from business point of view. They choose placements of utilities, activities & objects, Colours and artifacts to make the whole concept look lavish and luxurious. While a learned Vaastu consultant would utilize all these elements to balance and enhance the energies of the house.

•Starting from wall colours to upholstery designs and patterns to placement of beds, study table, locker to all display elements like painting, affect our subconscious. If wisely placed in their right Vaastu direction these interior elements can completely cover and compensate the Vaastu flaws of the building structure. On the other hand wrong placements will snatch away the benefits of perfect Vaastu structure of building.

•We should never forget that we function physically and mentally best when we are in harmony with nature. Our ancestors have always been guiding us through daily practices of sleeping with our head in West and South directions preferably. Pointing South with your feet for a longer period while sleeping will bring multiple emotional and physical challenges. Such things won’t matter to the interior designer and he will design as per his own thought process but it is certainly going to affect the occupants after sometime of occupying the property.

•Choosing Black and White Granite for the kitchen counter for a South East corner kitchen may create a fashion statement, but this choice will result into cash crunch for its occupants. To maintain the balance of five elements of nature within your premises is the minimum requirement for a happy and prosperous living.

•Once, our dream home is ready and we start planning for Grah Pravesh (House Warming). It is advisable to choose a date with best available Muhurata (Auspicious Time). As there is a saying, (Well Begun is Half Done).

•Beginning of a work is most important factor to understand its outcome. So, it is advisable to move in to your dream home on a favorable time and date. Muhuratas are guide to receive the best of blessings from Divine and our Ancestors.

•In Fact, a humble advice is to not take the course of treatment based on Google research. Visit an expert Doctor Instead. Experts have spent a significant time researching and practicing their skill. Have faith and Allow them to do their job.

Respect the time and energy of every expert and remember the importance of Energy Exchange as it opens up your subconscious also, to receive in abundance.

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