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Updated: Dec 25, 2023

Best Arrangement of a Home Garden As Per Vastu Shastra


What To Follow

  1. Try to locate the garden towards North.

  2. A Basil (Tulsi) plant in North is good garden vastu.

  3. Smaller shrubs and plants (no cacti and thorny ones except rose)

  4. Swings can be located here.

  5. A water fountain here helps attract wealth (make sure that the water flows towards the home).

  6. An open sitting area in North is very good.

  7. Keeping flower pots here (only on the ground) is auspicious.

What to Avoid

  1. Avoid huge trees.

  2. No clutter

  3. No heavy scriptures, rock garden etc.


What to Follow

  1. Huge trees can be planted here (not too close to the home)

  2. Anything heavy such as rock garden etc. is good here.

  3. Less open space here

What to Avoid

  1. No water body

  2. No swimming pool

  3. No clutter

  4. No light weight items

  5. No swings

  6. No pets place


What to Follow

  1. Garden in East is also good

  2. Basil can be planted in East

  3. Small shrubs and plants in East are also good

  4. Fruit bearing trees (smaller ones) in East is very good

  5. You can locate swing in East too

  6. East is another good location for water fountain

  7. You can locate an open sitting area here

  8. Placing flower pots in East is good

What to Avoid

  1. No big trees

  2. Absolutely no clutter

  3. No rock garden etc.

  4. Nothing heavy


What to Follow

  1. Big trees (mango etc.) can be planted here (not close to the house)

  2. Optionally you can locate a water fountain here

  3. Heavy statues, rock garden, stone scriptures can be located here

What to Avoid

  1. No clutter

  2. No swings

  3. No pets place


What to Follow

  1. A swimming pool here is the best

  2. A Basil plant here is very auspicious

  3. Flower pots can be kept here (only on the ground)

  4. Best for water fountain. The fountain must flow towards the house.

What to Avoid

  1. No huge trees

  2. No thorny plants

  3. No clutter

  4. Nothing heavy here


What to Follow

  1. Kid’s play area here is very good

  2. Second best for water fountain

  3. Best for pet’s place and bird’s nest etc.

  4. Place plants for cross pollination

What to Avoid

  1. No heavy things

  2. No clutter


What to Follow

  1. Rose like plants can be grown here

  2. Plants that need high temperature can be planted here

What to Avoid

  1. No water fountain

  2. No swimming pool here

  3. No clutter


What to Follow

  1. Tall trees are good here (not close to the house)

  2. Rock garden, heavy exhibits etc. are best here

  3. Jasmine, rose, marigolds etc. are also good here

  4. Keep less open space here

What to Avoid

  1. No water fountain

  2. Absolutely no swimming pool

  3. No clutter

  4. No light weight items


What to Follow

  1. Keep it open and clean

What to Avoid

  1. No swimming pool

  2. No plants

  3. No water fountain

  4. No heavy articles or scriptures

  5. No rock garden etc.

Apart from above direction-wise garden vastu tips, here some general (non-direction wise) vastu tips for garden.

General Garden Vastu – What to Follow (7 Tips)

  1. Always have a healthy Basil (Tulsi) plant within house limits.

  2. Planting Jasmine on either side of pathway is considered auspicious.

  3. Creepers should be grown in the garden only.

  4. Every creeper should have its own support system.

  5. Always keep the garden clean.

  6. Make sure all the plants are healthy & well maintained.

  7. The garden must be peaceful and tranquil.

  8. Place water pot for thirsty birds (it’s good karma!)

General Garden Vastu – What To Avoid (10 Tips)

  1. Avoid thorny plants (such as cactus); they bring tensions and weaken relationships.

  2. Avoid bonsai plants (they depict stunted growth).

  3. No Ber and Bamboo plants within house limits.

  4. Dead leaves, dead plants etc. are strict no.

  5. Avoid artworks depicting negative emotions such as war, crying girl, loneliness etc.

  6. No creepers inside the house.

  7. The compound wall shouldn’t be support of creepers.

  8. No flower pots on compound wall.

  9. The plants in the pots mustn’t be more than 3-4 feet tall.

  10. Milk bearing trees or plants are a strict no.

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