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Effects of Toilet Seat

Vastu Balancing of Toilets

Vaastu is a very wide term and encompasses various fields. Ranging from structural balancing to balancing the land energies, managing geopathic stresses, placement of objects & activities or usage of colours etc, Vaastu provides a meaning to our life and plays the role of supporting our objectives.

Toilets, in residential & commercial spaces, should be designed as per vaastu guidelines, as they tend to become a major source of negative energy in the house. While making vaastu corrections in a space, special attention should be given to the toilet. If balanced & treated as per principles of Vaastu, its effects can be minimized. This article will help you to understand what all corrections are to be made if the location of toilet is not complaint as per vaastu.

As a Consultant, our aim is to help our client get rid of the problems they are facing. It’s a common practise followed by many people to simply get the toilet seat relocated to some other place, to align it as per Vaastu. This is itself a big task in terms of time & money. Moreover, it disturbs the layout and many a times, is not practical. But our approach is altogether scientific, where we provide the vaastu corrections for the toilet without any demolition. We treat & balance the toilets to reduce its impact & make our lives smoother.

Toilet Seat is an activity of disposal and hence disposes everything. So, if it is placed in a direction which provides benefits to the occupants, it may flush away the positive energy of that direction. It may keep the occupants devoid of the benefits that direction is bound to offer.

Let us know the scientific logic behind how it works. Whenever we visit a toilet, we visit with a mindset of getting rid of wastes of our body. We go with intent of disposing off or flushing away. Since we use the space or it belongs to us, so this intent shifts to the attributes of that direction too. Let me explain this with an example, if the toilet seat placement is in West direction and whenever we visit there with intent of flushing off, the attributes of that direction are also getting flushed away. West direction governs our finances, material gains, our businesses etc. So, unknowingly our subconscious mind, being synced with our space, is flushing off our gains and manifestations. The outcome will be that inhabitants of that house will not be able to make profits and gains and their work and important deals may get stuck at the last moment.

What all to be considered while making corrections in the toilet? There are many things that have to be considered:


Once we get a survey done at the site, we check the direction and location of toilet seat in the space. The toilet seat affects the attributes of the direction in which it is falling in. If we feel the attributes of the direction are getting flushed away or disposed off, we can conclude that the toilet seat is transferring its activity to that direction.

Colour Of The Seat

The colour of the seat should also be considered as it may act as an anti element to that direction and may further worsen the problem that the toilet is causing. So, while treating the toilet, its colour should also be considered.

Elemental Balancing

Every object in this universe consists of the five elements – Water, Air, Fire, Earth & Space, commonly known as Panchtatva. Even our body is made up of these five elements. Any one element, if disturbed, makes us unhealthy. The same way happens if the balance of these elements gets affected in our spaces, it affects the occupants. A toilet in the wrong direction may weaken the particular element of that direction & cause imbalances. We ensure that after treating the toilet, we restore the balance of that element with some advanced techniques.

Facing of the seat

Facing of toilet seat holds no importance for us in common household & complexes. While making new construction, we try to get the best directions.

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