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Attract More Money And Success In Life

Vastu Shastra is a shape of science that originated in India and broadly speaking dealt with architecture. It has constantly served as a guiding principle for constructing and designing homes in such a way that bad energies are saved at bay.

This indicated the ever-growing recognition of Vastu Shastra now not simply in India however all throughout the world.

How Effective is Vastu Shastra

For the sake of a one-word answer, yes. Vastu Shastra is without a doubt effective. The fundamental cause why human beings consider in Vastu Shastra is that they choose matters to work in their favor, and Vastu Shastra offers them that power, to a remarkable extent.

Vastu Shastra works in a way that bad energies are warded off, and there is a non-stop waft of fantastic electricity in the residing space. People recognize Vastu Shastra for the whole thing that it is, even in these present day days, due to the fact it doesn’t discuss about magic.

Vastu tips to attract money


If you want to expand your business then you should keep mirrors in your living area of your house and your office.

According to vastu, you can do the placement of your mirror on the east side and north side of the walls which will receive more positive vibes and will also help in increasing your wealth.


Plants also give positive vibes because they are a part of nature and are eco-friendly.

You can do the placement of plants at the both sides of entrance gate of your house and office; this will help in increasing your wealth and prosperity.


We usually keep almirahs and lockers in our office and home where we save our currency.

The most important thing you should take care of when you do the placement of lockers and almirahs their direction should be in south or west direction because if we keep our currencies in these directions that will help in attracting more money.

One more thing you should also take care of that never keeps your lockers and almirahs behind pillars because that maybe becomes the reason of your financial instability.


Some of the things you should take care of in your kitchen area that will help in attracting wealth:

The things which come rarely in your use or you don’t use them keep that things somewhere else or you can keep that too in your store room and keep your kitchen neat and clean.

The second thing is about refrigerators; we should keep them clean and should not keep stale food for a longer time because it attracts negativity in your house.


The purpose of wind chimes is that they also make sweet sounds in the house but also when they combine with air we receive positive wind that enter our house.

We should keep wind chimes in our work area of house that will give positive energy and will attract wealth and prosperity.


According to vastu, whenever you will design your bed make sure that it is made up of wood.

Also do the placement of bed in order wise when you are resting on your bed, your head should be in the south direction because south direction is of our ancestors and we should never keep our foot towards, we can take this as a respect boundary.

Next thing, your bedroom shape is also a important thing, your bedroom shape should be either in square or in rectangle that will helps in attracting wealth, increasing better understanding and also your relationships will be sweet.

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