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Vastu Tips For Home Temple

Vastu For Puja Ghar at Home

We start out daily routine with worshiping the divine at our pooja place in our homes. It has a great impact on how our day will be. Here are some useful vastu tips for Place of Worship:

We worship in the temple and offer our morning prayers with a pure and clean intent of being successful for the entire day. Our subconscious mind gets in sync with the energy of that place.

Now, If that place of worship is in a positive direction, we get all the more benefit of our worship as the motive shall be fulfilled with the positive energies. Moreover, starting our day with spending a couple of minutes in a positive direction with a pure intent will be all the more beneficial.

Give a perfect start to the day with Pooja place in the ideal direction as per Vastu.
Placement of Temple

Since we learnt it is of utmost important having a temple in a positive direction, we must not ignore this. NORTH-EAST & WEST directions are the ideal places, as per Vaastu Shastra to have a temple at home. These directions emit positive vibrations which help us convert our manifestation into reality.

Colour Schemes

Colours to be used in the temple are equally important and any incorrect colours may affect the attributes of that direction and we may feel Vaastu isn’t working. Shades GOLDEN, YELLOW, WHITE are the advisable colours to be used for & inside your temple. These shades will further enhance the attributes of those directions, taking us to a higher beneficial state.

Size of God Idols for home temple

It is never advisable to have an idol which is bigger in size than the size of your palm. Proper procedures, with the help of a priest, to be followed regularly if idol be bigger size. Further, multiple idols/photographs of the same God should not be placed in the temple. Maximum one representation of each GOD is sufficient.

Prayer Books

We generally accumulate a bunch of books in our temple. Do ensure only those books are kept, which are in use (read) frequently.

Facing while doing Puja

Facing East makes one focused towards growth.

Facing West enhances gains & profits.

Facing North helps attract opportunities one is looking for.

Facing South while praying is least preferred.

The above advise are give by Vaastu experts Pt. Deepak Pandey and are based on their experience and knowledge. It is recommended to follow precise calculations regarding directions for best results.

Other Check Points for Puja ghar (Temple at Home)

• Do not place a dustbin in the temple

• Do not place temple in store room.

• Avoid using red colour shades in the temple (For North East temple).

• Do not keep broken or damaged idols in the temple.

• Do not keep the temple unorganised or cluttered.

• Temple should be the cleanest space of the house.

• Any defective or non working article should not be placed in the temple area.

• Do not place Pitra (Ancestor) photographs in the temple.

• Play Mantras in the temple area for 45 minutes on a daily basis.

• The temple area should be well lit with bright lights.

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