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Vastu Tips For Home Decoration

Vastu For Home Decor

We all love to decorate our space with paintings and artifacts. And how can it get better than this, if each of these decorative works together in tandem to enhance the positive vibration of our space. Find a list of some not just beautiful but meaningful objects that can be placed in your home / office. If you already have any of them then relocate as per advised direction and feel the difference.

• A full body Meditating Statue of Lord Buddha when placed in North East direction brings calmness and peace to the mind and helps those who feel that meditation is difficult.

• A healthy money plant with lush green leaves, nurtured in a Blue Glass Bottle attracts new business and financial opportunities, when placed in North Direction and groomed with personal attention at regular intervals.

• Placing or hang on a nail, a Copper or Red colour Swastika in South East direction to ensure smooth cash flow in the house. Don’t forget to apply a fresh dot of Roli on it on every Friday.

• Pitra Sthan is South West and Guru Sthan is West. Place a picture of Guru Ji in Golden frame in West Direction and seek his blessings everyday.

• A beautiful Golden Money Box filled with currency in the West direction strengthens your intent to increase your savings.

• Place your Business cards and communication material in East direction to improve and strengthen your social network.

• Place a Family picture or collage, clicked in happy times, in North West direction in silver colour frame to strengthen the bond and enhance support among family members.

• A golden colour globe kept in South West direction increases the opportunities to travel abroad.

• The certificates and pictures of felicitation, logo and company banner displayed in South increases the fame of your business and brings recognition for you.

• Make a place in East of South for the aquarium if you already have or planning to own. 9 gold and one black fish is ideal combination which neutralizes the effects of negative energy of the space effectively.

• Pair of Swans when Placed in South West corner, helps in the bond between the couple grow stronger.

• Ashoka Pillar or Government Emblem displayed in East corner of home or office works as artifact as well as helps penetrate in Government / administration if intended.

A wonderful practice for prosperous living is to Keep what is either useful or beautiful, discard rest.
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