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#Vastu Shastra aur kitchen#best Vastu Shastra Delhi NCR#Vastu Shastra Kanpur#Vastu Shastra Lucknow

Vastu Shastra for kitchen is recommended in the south-east corner. Since in this region, the vitaminised

sun rays enter from the east and the air from the south since the earth revolves around the sun towards

Southern zone, therefore this angle is positioned to receive ultraviolet rays replete with vitamins A and

D for an extended period of time. This helps in purifying the edibles in the kitchen. Also the solar

temperature kills the harmful germs present in the humidity stuck on western wall.Kitchen is the place

from where most of the vital energy is received. It plays a vital role in Vastu. The kitchen should be

placed in South East direction of the house as this side is called the 'Agni Place'. If it is not possible to

place the kitchen in South East, second best place is North West. Kitchen should never be placed in

North East, South West and the Centre.Kitchen represents fire element and having a good, well-

maintained, clean and fresh kitchen attracts Fire God in the house who has the power to burn all the

negativity and fulfil any lack in the house.

Vastu Shastra suggests that a kitchen made using Vastu tips brings luck, contentment, abundance and

wealth in the family. It is the source of happiness and joy which burns away all the harmful vibrations

and evil from the house. Constructing a kitchen according to the rules given in Vastu Shastra has always

been beneficial for the family from ages.If the kitchen is in South West, loss of business, accident etc

may be the result and if it is in North East, financial distress, court cases etc. may result.If the kitchen is

in North West, frequency of guests may increase than normal.The slab for cooking should be in the East

and North so that the face of person while cooking is in East or North.The color of slab should never be

black or pure white. It should be reddish, green or orange.Stove should be placed on the South East

corner and gas cylinder should also be kept there under the slab.Sink should be in the North East

corner.Color of the kitchen should be light orange, red, pink or cream.

Drinking water should be kept in North East direction.If any water filter or RO system has to be installed,

the best place is in North West. However, due to water connection and sink in North East, it can be fixed

there also but the electrical connection should be kept far fro North East.Fridge should be kept in South

or West direction opening in North or East.Micro Wave Oven, Mixer Grinder, etc should be kept in south

East direction.Geyser may be placed in North West direction. Many Vastu consultants suggest Geyser in

South East but it is not good there as it contains water and the South East is for fire. So there is a

contradiction here. Better to keep in North West.If store is needed ,it should be in South West or South/

West of the kitchen.Utensils, food grains etc. should be kept in South, West and North West of the

kitchen.There should be a large window in the East side of the kitchen.

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