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Vastu for Toilet and Bathroom

Vastu experts highly recommend seeking Vastu for Toilet and Bathroom, for every household.

With vastu compliant toilets and bathroom, you can make this space add its charm to improvise the overall vastu of the home.

In this blog, we will share the significance of Vastu for Toilet and Bathroom, along with some helpful tips to make this space vastu compliant. So, let us begin.

The significance of bathroom and toilet

You must understand the difference between a bathroom and toilet rooms at first, before understand its vastu significance.

Toilets are the space where a toilet commode and wash basin is installed. We relieve ourselves in it. We often find them restaurants and offices as well.

Bathrooms are more spacious sections that also provide the facility and utility of bathing and changing, apart from just relieving ourselves.

In most homes, we find bathrooms in which all the facilities are available. No matter how small one’s home is, having a bathroom in it is a compulsory feature.

Even though you can compromise on other luxuries, having a bathroom inside the home is more like a need.

As we use the bathroom, particularly the toilet section, it leads to generation of significant amount of negative energy in the space.

This negativity is the reason why, most often the bathroom visits appears dull. Thankfully, though Vastu for Bathroom and Toilet it can be addressed for good.

Significance of Vastu for Toilet and Bathroom

Earlier, as per Hindu traditions and most of the ancient traditions; it was recommended to have a toilet outside the home.

It was done so, in order to make sure that the negative energy does not pollute the energy field of the entire house.

But in today’s world, doing so is impossible especially in cities and towns; where it is already so crowded. Thus, having an attached bathroom or toilet is a compulsory feature for every home.

Attached bathroom facilities offer many benefits as well. Not only it offers privacy and convenience; but it also ensures better hygiene.

But doing so requires following certain rules of vastu shastra. Vastu for Toilet and Bathroomis an essential need for every home and office space.

By implementing these rules, you can make sure to utilize this space without affecting the overall vastu of the home.

Random placement of the bathroom and its interiors can bring many ill-effects for the occupants of the property.

These can trigger in the form of financial struggles and health issues. The family can come across problems like excessive spending, hindrance in cash inflow, stress, anxiety and risks of accidents.

These problems are likely to repeat again and again, unless the vastudoshas are addressed effectively through Vastu for Toilet and Bathroom.

What comes under Vastu for Toilet and Bathroom

Vastu for any space includes calibrating various factors. Vastu for Toilet and Bathroomalso requires determining the suitable guideline for numerous aspects.

Placement of the bathroom

The most ideal placement of the bathroom or toilet is in the south of south west (SSW)zone of the house, the second best is the west of north west (WNW), followed by east of south east (ESE).

Never place the bathroom in the north east or south west zone of the house.

Doing so can act as a huge defect for Vastu for Toilet and Bathroomand might bring severe consequences.

However, don’t panic yet, if you already have it. You can easily fix it through simple vastu remedy.

For this particular vastu dosh, you can place an Elixer pyramid in the House. It will counteract the negative effects of the same.

Also make sure that you never place a bathroom right next to puja room, or temple.

In case you have a separate bathroom only for bathing purpose, the best directions for the same is the north, east and north east zones of the house.

Vastu guidelines for door of the bathroom

The door related guidelines of the bathroom is yet another crucial aspect for ensuring good Vastu for Toilet and Bathroom.

Make sure to keep the door of the toilet closed at all times. This minimizes the spreading of the negative energies in the other zones of the house.

Wood is considered as the best material for getting the vastu benefits. The bathroom door can be placed in any side of the same, as long as it is present in the right zone. However, placing it in the eastern or northern wall is considered best.

Usually many myths revolve around the bathroom doors. It includes making the bathroom door in single frame that opens inwards. However expert vastu consultants confirm that the frame structure and opening does not play any role in it.

Vastu guidance for the toilet seat

As you might be already familiar, there are 2 types of toilet seats available- the Indian toilet system and western toilet system. You can pick anyone as per your preference.

Many misconceptions revolve around the same. Like, the toilet seat must be placed in a particular corner of the bathroom or in a position so that the person faces towards north or south direction.

But they are just myths. The most important guidance is to make sure that the bathroom is placed in the right zone of the home; i.e. SSW, WNW, ESE. The placement of the toilet seat can be done anywhere in it, as per vastu.

If you are installing western toilet system, adapt a habit of closing the lid after use for ensuring better vastu and hygiene.

Placement of the windows

Every bathroom should have a window or at least a ventilating space.

This helps some of the negativities of the space to release outside the area.It also helps to get some daylight inside the space.

For ensuring good Vastu for Toilet and Bathroom, make surethat the window or ventilator opens outside the building.

Doing the opposite, not only will lead towards channeling bad energies into interiors, but will also invade one’s privacy.

You can place the same in east, north or west in your bathroom space.

Installation of water facilities

Needless to say, vastu guidelines for water facilities are also crucial for overall Vastu for Toilet and Bathroom.

You can place the wash basin in north, east, or north east zones of the bathroom.

Having a shower has sort of become customary, apart from the taps. Position these at the same zones as the wash basin. The same holds true in case you have a bathtub installed as well.

The Vastu for Toilet and Bathroomdepends on both inlet and outlets of the water facility of the area.

Also position the water outlets in either north or east sides of the bathroom.

Make sure that water gets drained from the space. To make it happen, make sure to slope the flooring of the bathroom slightly.

Installation of equipments in bathroom

Modern bathrooms are equipped with equipments like geysers and other electronic gadgets (hair dryer etc) to make the bathing experience even more comfortable.

Since these are mostly heating equipment, their suitable placement as per vastu is very much needed.

Also, make sure that the water spilling or splattering does not get in touch with the electronic switches or plugs or exposed wiring.

Vastu guidelines for bathroom interiors

To enhance the Vastu for Toilet and Bathroom, you also need to pay attention to its interiors.

The colors must be picked according to the zone of the bathroom. SSW bathroom, use only cream color. For WNW bathroom you can use grey, white, cream or blue. For ESE bathroom, you can use either cream or green color.

Bathroom walls always get sprinkles of water due to obvious reason. So, make sure to install tiles in a significant area.

Also, it is important to keep the place well lit and refresh to attract positive energies.

To ensure the same, don’t forget to open the window form time to time. Also you can use air freshener inside the area.

Best time to seek Vastu for Toilet and Bathroom

Vastu experts always recommend incorporating vastu guidelines before beginning the construction of the property.

Earliest Vastu for Toilet and Bathroom this is strongly suggested. Unlike the other sections of the home; the furnishings are installed to the structure itself.

Let it be the taps, shower, wash basin, toilet seat, bathtub or outlet pipe; they are already fixed before its usage begins.

Making alteration as per vastu at later stage is not possible without causing demolition.

Moreover, by the time, you correct the Vastu for Toilet and Bathroom;it will keep on causing troubles to the family in some or the other way.

So, for best result and to lead most fruitful life in it; make sure to have your bathroom and toilet vastu complaint.

Remedies for bathroom vastu defects

While making a new home or even during remodeling, it is possible to mould the shape as per the vastu guidelines.

But what to do in case you live in a flat or ancestral property that has vastu defects in bathroom area? Does that mean you need to move out to demolish it?

Thankfully not! With the help of best vastu experts, you can address most of the vastu defect that might trigger in this region.

Such experts can offer some simple and highly effective vastu remedies for your bathroom area.

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