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Importance of Colors in Vastu

How to choose the right colours as per Vastu Shastra

Know how the colours if used as per Vastu principles can fill your home with Peace, Prosperity, Good Health and Joy. The colors around us in our everyday life have an impact on our lives. Vaastu Experts Pt. Deepak Pandey aim at spreading the knowledge of the divine science of Vaastu Shastra and will describe in this article, how the color of each and every corner and object in our house impacts us.

Our subconscious mind gets attracted to colors around us and Picks up the attributes of colors quickly. A real time example of the effects of colours is that with the onset of every season, our preferences change. Ranging from food habits to our clothing, our preferences of colors, our lifestyles also change. The colors around us, in the form of wall colours, curtain colours, mats, upholsteries, sceneries etc. in our homes & workplace that we see very frequently, in our homes & workplace, gets registered in our subconscious. Have you ever wondered when you remove a particular scenery from a wall, it relays an empty glimpse to your eyes (subconscious mind) for the next few days every time you see that wall and then gradually you get accustomed. Similarly, few days after you get the curtains or colors of your room changed, your subconscious mind takes a little longer time to register it and then you get used to it. That’s the logic or science behind the working of subconscious mind which relates to Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Tips To Colour Your Home Vastu Way For Good Energy

Home is designed to serve you with the comfort of living a healthy, wealthy & prosperous life. We use Vastu Shastra as a tool to optimize the benefits our home has to offer us in terms of progress and happiness. It is a big misconception that Vastu Shastra is only at the structural level. Mostly people, including architects and interior designers, relay these myths that if the structure is designed correct as per Vastu Shastra, then the home is vastu compliant. However, this is absolutely a wrong idea, and attracts troubles for the residents at the later stage. Our aim is to enlighten people with the realities, facts and logics of this beautiful science.

Colour guidelines as per Vastushastra

Each direction has a specific color related to it, as per Vastu Shastra. This is as per the laws of nature i.e., the presence of five elements. For example – North, the direction of water element, favors the presence of blue color shades. In case, unknowingly, we introduce red color i.e., fire element, the North direction will be impacted. We have observed numerous cases where people have a bedroom in the North direction and assume that is correct as per Vastu Shastra. However, going with the trend, they plan to have multi color shades (red or yellow color shades) in the bedroom. This ruins the positive attributes of the North bedroom and we can no longer call it a Vastu compliant house. Be it wall colors, the curtains, the floor mats, the lights & even sceneries, all signify a particular color set and bring about the effect of that particular color. Thus, with proper guidance of directions and colors, one can make the space Vaastu Friendly & lead a prosperous life.

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