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Effects Of Geopathic Stress

Most of my Vaastu Audits have a story to tell. Some leave a lasting impression. I am sharing one such particular incident. A couple of years ago I was invited for Vaastu audit by the Technical Consultant of a steel factory. His main concern was that despite of best possible efforts, monetary returns were practically non-existent. one or the other hurdle keeps coming in the production line frequently.

After assessing the factory premise, I and my team could sense a strong presence of really dense and dark energy at shop floor and office block. Upon exploring the past, we were informed that a laborer had lost his life during working hours. This information was also pointing towards existence of Geopathic Nodal Points.

“Nodal Point” is essentially the point where the lines from the perpendicular directions cross each other. These points can be located after assessing the carpet area with Geo scanners. Unfortunately, there were two Nodal points. The owner of the factory had his chair right on the strongest one and the consultant was sitting on the slightly milder one. This was causing major drainage and efforts were going in vain instead of yielding any gains.

I strongly suggested the owner to shift into a new cabin or at least move his chair. The consultant was also advised to move his chair from the Nodal point. While the consultant did follow my counsel, to my utter dismay the owner didn’t heed to my recommendations.

Recently I was informed by the Consultant that the owner developed brain tumor and didn’t survive. And the consultant was made a partner in the firm. While Geopathic Stress doesn’t cause direct illness, it lowers down the occupants’ immunity levels making him/her prone to contracting illnesses. Moving the chair from the Nodal point would have reduced the intensity of the negative effects of the Geopathic Stress.

More emphasis cannot be laid on the importance of following up on the advice given after a survey.

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