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Updated: Dec 25, 2023


According to Vastu Shastra, mirrors have the power to amplify the reflected energy be it positive or negative. If your house has abundant positive energy then a mirror placed in the right direction can increase the positive energy. Whereas if your house is facing negative energy, mirrors can increase the negativity if wrongly located.

What is the importance of mirrors in the house? The utility of mirrors in the house majorly counts as looking glass, decorative object and to enhance the available space in the house. To increase the beauty and elegance of the house, we generally use mirrors as artifacts. But do you know that inappropriately located mirrors can be the reason for various life-related problems for you and your family members.

A mirror is a water element due to its reflecting quality. A water element in the house affects various aspects of life. As water reflects positive or negative energy back in the house, so Vastu for mirror is essential to increase the positive energy and curb the negative energy in the house. Mirrors placed as per Vastu can increase the flow of positive energy and bring prosperity in the house.

With the help of Our Vaastu, we can provide you the right placement locations and directions for placing the mirror to balance the energy. PT.DEEPAK PANDEYAs per Guruji, every person has its four favourable and four unfavorable directions that are decided by his/her date of birth. To invite abundance in the house, we also need to follow Our Vaastu Principles by connecting, balancing and channelizing cosmic energy through direction, structure and Chakra respectively. A Our Vaastu expert provides you Vastu solutions related to mirrors to amplify the positive energy in the house.

To increase positive energy, you should follow Vastu tips for mirrors in the house. These tips are:

• Try not to place a mirror in the bedroom.

• If there is a mirror in the bedroom then it should be in North, North-East or West Wall.

• Mirror should not be placed in front of the bed as it reflects energy both positive and negative that disturbs your mental peace and sleep.

• Cover the mirror with a cloth if it is in front of the bed as it bounces the energy that creates mental stress.

• In the living room, a mirror has a style and interior value than usage so make sure you follow the right direction that increases positive energy.

• In living room, place mirror in such way that it reflects greenery and flowers. It increases the good energy in the house.

• The mirror in the living room should not reflect the clutter and trash as it increases negativity in the house.

• Toilet seat in the bathroom should not be reflected in the mirror as it doubles the negative energy in the house.

• Do not use a mirror on the bathroom doors facing the room. It reflects negative energy into the room.

• Mirror in the bathroom should be placed in a well lit area.

• Mirrors should have wooden frame.

• In almirah use mirrors in the West Wall.

• Do not place a mirror that reflects a gas stove or kitchen area.

• Place mirrors in the dining hall as it reflects food that doubles the prosperity.

• Don’t use irregular shape mirrors in the house.

• Avoid having triangular shaped mirrors in the house.

• People suffering from Kapha or Vata Dosh should not use more mirrors in the house as it can trigger more health issues.

• In the study room, do not use mirrors as it distracts the focus and concentration.

• As a Vastu tips for mirror, place a mirror in the safe or cash box. It interestingly increases the money by reflecting the positivity.

• Do not use mirrors in the kitchen.

• Mirrors should be of fair heighted that reflects your full reflection.

• Do not keep broken mirrors in the house.

• Do not place mirrors in the dark places as it increases the darkness since it reflects darkness.

• Never use mirrors at entrance as it can reflect the incoming positive energy in the house.

• Do not place mirror in front of your work desk as it disturbs the concentration.

These 25 Vastu tips for mirror can be used in the house for amplifying and doubling the positive energy and flow.

Which is the best direction for mirrors as per Vaastu? To know the right direction for mirrors and their effects, read below:

• North Direction: One can hang the mirrors in the North wall. North direction is considered as the water element like mirror so it increases the positive energy in the house. The shape of mirrors in the North direction should be rectangular in shape instead of square.

• East Direction: Similarly North direction, east direction also represents water element. Hanging mirrors on east walls can amplify and ease the flow of positive energy in the house. The mirrors in the east direction should not be of round shape. They should be in square shape.

• North-East Direction: In Vastu Shastra, mirrors are extensively used by Vastu experts for this direction. It corrects the Vastu Dosh or defects.

• West Direction: West walls are also used for correcting Vastu with the help of mirrors.

• South-East Direction: This direction is governed by the fire element so mirrors on this wall should not be used. Since water and fire element collide, it can cause problems like money loss, accidents and health problems related to stomach and digestion.

• South Direction: Like South-East, South is also ruled by fire sign so it affects social status of a person and leads to legality, court cases etc. If you have a mirror in this direction then cover it with a dark colored cloth.

• South-West Direction: Earth element of this direction collides with the water element that results disputes, fights amongst family members and increases money loss and expenses.

This is a detailed Vastu for mirrors that can be used by anyone. Mirrors have an important place in Vastu Shastra that impacts the prosperity and happiness in the house.

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