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We often heard that South facing house is considered inauspicious and brings bad luck but that is not true. There are many such myths that are prevalent about Vastu Shastra by self-proclaimed Vastu expert. Vastu Shastra does not agree that any specific direction facing house is bad for all. It depends on the date of birth of an individual.

In Vastu, every individual has four favorable and four unfavorable directions that are determined by the individual’s date of birth. Pt. Deepak Pandey has proposed Our Vaastu Principles that explain how does direction help? We all are surrounded by Cosmic energy and the flow of Cosmic energy is eased by the right Vastu of a house which includes directions, structure, and placement of objects. By using proper favorable directions, one can smooth the flow of energy and improve house Vastu. Person with favorable direction as ‘South’ can prosper in south facing home.

If you align your direction with the cosmic energy, you can turn a south facing house into a lucky house. There are few facts or solutions about South facing house which if followed, one can minimize the adverse effects of such house:

• If a house in the name of a woman, it is considered best if the door of such house is towards the south direction

• Also in such house, if money locker is in south direction, it is considered good

• The main gate of the house should be in the southeast corner. The main gate in the southwest should not be there at all. In this situation the house can never conform to Vastu.

• In south facing home you should leave more open space in north than south and in east direction than west.

• Take care of any type of underground tank such as fresh water tank, boring, well, etc. with only the compound wall between north direction, north east, east north and east direction. Build septic tanks in north or east direction only.

• The northeast angle should not be truncated, round, elevated and the south east angle should not be enlarged or lowered in any way.

• The floor of any part of the building should not be low. If you want to give a little slope for cleanliness, then you can slope towards north, east direction or north east.PT.DEEPAK PANDEY

• Similarly, the slope of the open part of the plot should also be towards north, east direction and north east so that the rainy water comes out from the north east.

Through these Vastu tips for South facing house, you can make your house abundant and full of happiness.

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