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व्यापार और वास्तु शास्त्र

Every businessman wants to explore the enormous opportunities to nurture and expand the business. Business is the wheel that keeps an economy going. It fulfills the demand and supply phenomenon. A well-to-do business is not just a good boss or few strategies but it requires correct Vastu compliant infrastructure, positive and productive workforce and harmonious relationships with stakeholders, clients and customers.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of direction, structure and energy. With the help of correct direction and structure we can balance the energy around us. This universal energy is called Cosmic Energy. If due to any Vastu defect in office, this energy gets imbalanced and starts showing negative results to business. To get positive outcomes, we need to balance this cosmic energy through the best direction, structure and placement. Vastu for business is the way through which we can curtail the negative energy.

Our Vaastu is a boon to the society by Guruji. He spent his precious 20 years of life to research life-transforming Our Vaastu Principles. According to Our Vaastu Principles, we can connect, balance and channelize the cosmic energy through direction, structure and chakras respectively. By these 3 steps, obstruction of energy can be removed and energy flows in its free way resulting in profit and success. Our Vaastu provides multiple solutions related to Vastu for business. As per Pt. Deepak Pandey, there are four favourable and 4 unfavorable directions for each individual and it is decided by an owner’s date of birth. So, to excel in your business, you first need to know your favourable direction. Our Vaastu helps you to find your favourable direction.

There are many Vastu for business tips one can adopt to enhance and grow the business:

• As a generalized Vastu for business tip, buy or rent a property that is shermukhi. Such properties are broader from the front and narrower from the back.

• For personalized Vastu solutions, always buy or rent a property which is in your favourable direction. Our Vaastu helps you to learn your favourable direction.

• As per Vastu for business, the main door of your office premise should face east or north direction.

• The main door should not be obstructed by any electric pole, pillar or tree. It blocks positive energy to enter.

• Office or workplace should face north, North-East or North-West in a broader spectrum.

• According to Vastu for business it is advisable to face your favourable direction while signing a new deal or taking up any new projects.

• In office, always sit at a place where you face your most favourable direction. It helps to activate your chakras and strengthens your decision-making power.

• Try to buy a property or office near to any functioning road.

• As per Vastu for business, businessmen should sit facing the North, east or North-East direction. It helps in financial growth and profit.

• The cabin of the boss should not be the first cabin. The first cabin or entrance cabin should be allotted to someone who can provide information to the visitors.

• The owner of a business should have his/her cabin on the west side of the office. It helps to improve leadership qualities.

• Professionals from different departments should sit facing their favourable direction.

• Employees should sit facing either north or East direction.

• On a single desk, there should not be more than one employee. It affects their focus and concentration.

• The centre part of the office should be empty.

• There should be a solid wall behind the owner’s chair. It reflects support and strength.

• Do not construct a toilet in the North-West direction.

• Do not keep any ready product or goods on the front desk.

• Desks should be square or rectangular only.

• Irregular shaped desks in still indecisiveness in employees and employers both.

• Any classified documents or financial papers should be kept locked and safe in the south-west direction.

• Desks should be clutter-free and organized otherwise it invites confusion and mess.

• Try to have desks that are made of wooden only.

• Reception area in any office or workplace should be spacious, airy, decorative and attractive.

• Office or workplace should be well-lit and clean.

• Decorative items like plants, artifacts, paintings, wall hangings etc. should be kept in your favourable direction. It increases profits.

• None of the employees or Bosses should sit showing back to the door or the cabin. It symbolizes lack of faith and distrust.

• Accountants should have their cabin in the east or north corner. These two directions are the best for increasing wealth.

• As per Vastu for business, any electrical equipment should be kept in the South-East direction.

• Never keep any broken stationary, picture or items in the office.

• In the office, the conference room should be in the North-West corner.

• As per Vastu for business, place an aquarium in the office having nine goldfish and one blackfish.

• Avoid having a pantry in the North direction.

• The senior management should sit in the south direction whereas middle and lower management should sit in the west side of the office.

• Do not keep any desk in front of the door. It disturbs the work.

• Avoid having any window or mirror behind the boss’s back.

• As per Vastu for business, the window on the boss’s shoulder is considered as inauspicious.

• Never sit in the aisle. It is inauspicious.

• Water arrangements in the office should be in the North-East side if keeping on the ground.

• If water arrangement is above the ground then you can keep them anywhere in the office.

• Use light colors on the office walls. Avoid darker shades like black, red, brown etc.

• Arrange sitting position in a way from where a cashier or accountant can’t see any other employee working.

• Never ever pile up unnecessary furniture, unused files etc. in the office.

• It is important to use a sign board that is attractive and made up of metal or plastic.

• Color of the sign board should be yellow, pink, white etc. Do not use dark colors like blue, black or Deepak Pandey ९३०५३६०३८२

• Main door should be bright and attractive.

• Never use sad pictures, setting sun, depressing images etc. in the office.

• Place positive pictures, inspirational quotes, happy children, people, personality and leaders etc.

• Place a temple in the North east corner of the office.

• Clean office on a daily basis to attract positivity and happiness.

These 50 Vastu tips for business help to attract wealth and profit in the business. For more exclusive and unique solutions, consult Saral Vaastu experts and touch a pinnacle of success.

Pt. Deepak Pandey vastu Shastra & astrology


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