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Updated: Dec 25, 2023

While we look for a rented house, there are many personal requirements we keep in our mind. The location, size, space, accessibility, facilities and environment of the area. But quite a time we tend to overlook the Vastu for rented house. This results in many negative results after shifting in the house or office. To avoid such negative impacts on our lives, we should equally understand the importance of Vatsu Shastra for a rented place. Our Vaastu provides you many insights and solution to recognize the best place to rent out. Pt. Deepak Pandey established Our Vaastu Principles through his extensive research of two decades and concluded that the cosmic energy of any place is the major player to make a place good or bad. If a house or office is not built with the Vastu rules and regulations, it creates adverse effects. A wrong direction and structure imbalances the cosmic energy of that premise and generates many life related problems like wealth, health, business, marriage, education, relationships etc.

To balance this energy, one should follow three set of rules.

• Connecting through the right direction,

• Balancing through the right structure and

• Channelizing through activated chakras.

A right direction and structure is analyzed by an individual’s date of birth as it is not a set of fixed rules. A father sees great success in one rented house but son sees adverse life in the same house so the Vastu solutions for father and son varies from person to person based on their date of birth. Our Vaastu experts provide you personalized and unique solutions by analyzing your date of birth and other factors. By applying these solutions, you can balance the flow of energy in your rented house as per Vastu.

There can be few Vastu tips for rented house, one can follow:

• When you visit the rented house, try to recognize the feel and energy of that place.

• If you feel negative, sad, stressed or anxious, do not rent the place as your body can pick the right and wrong energy intuitively.

• Visit a house with one of your family members to identify the aura of the surroundings.

• Make sure that a rented house should be airy, well-ventilated and well-lit.

• Avoid renting a house that is near to traffic areas, hospitals, graveyards, crowded areas etc.

• Do not rent a house that has any mobile or electric pole nearby. It blocks the free flow of energy.

• Avoid a rented house that has many Vastu defects.

• Do not rent a house with a toilet in the north-east direction.

• Kitchen that are located in either North-East or South-West zone should be avoided.

• Make sure that the direction of a main door should be your favourable direction as per Vastu.

• Rent a house where a bedroom should be in the south-west zone.

• Main door of a rented house should not be blocked by any tree, electric pole or any other heavy obstruction.

• Before shifting in the rented house, make sure to paint it with light colors.

• Repair broken or leaked pipelines, taps, broken wardrobes, furniture, slabs etc.

• One of the very important points to keep in mind before renting a house, identify the history of the house. Whether the house was lucky or previous tenants was prosperous or not.

• If you are already living in a rented house then follow a few tips to mitigate negative energy like mopping the floor with salty water.

• Use positive paintings like mountains, sun, water etc.

• Use wall hangings that emit positive energy like wind chimes, crystal, yantras etc. suggested by a knowledgeable vastu expert.

• Keep your house well lit and use incense sticks, dhoop, camphor (kapoor) etc. to keep air fresh and aromatic.

• Always clean your house and do not store unwanted furniture, things etc. in the home.

• As per Vastu Shastra, your house should be clutter-free, well-organized and beautiful.

• To remove negative energy, perform yagya, Ganesh pooja, Navgrah pooja etc.

• Do not keep broken pictures, frames or mirrors in the rented house.

• As per Vastu, any clock in the house should not be non-functional.

• Ensure the positivity of a rented house, place plants that attracts good fortune.

With these simple tips, you can ensure prosperity and good luck in your new rented house. Vastu for rented house is very important as it affects all your family members and their lives.

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