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'Dhanteras' is a famous festival of Hindus. It is celebrated by the Hindus all over India and across the world. Dhanteras is celebrated on the 13th day of Krishna Paksha in the month of Karthik according to Hindu Calendar. It generally falls in the month of October-November each year. Dhan means ‘wealth’ and Teras means 13th lunar day of Vikram Samvat Hindu calendar. The basic ideology for Dhanteras shopping is, if you buy dhan on Dhanteras, you will get it back in much higher amount. Gold, or metals in general, tend to have a higher re-sale value as compared to the buying value. That is why, Gold shopping for Dhanteras is a thing.Dhanteras is celebrated on the first day of the five day long Diwali festival. The suffix ‘Teras’ in Hindi is synonymous with the word Trayodashi in Sanskrit which refers to the thirteenth day of the waning phase of the moon. The different rituals connected to Dhanteras aim at praying for the prosperity of the household and the health and long life of the husband. On the day of Dhanteras, many households perform Laxmi puja. Dhanteras sets the auspicious and celebrative mood for the Diwali celebrations. Here is a highly interesting mythological story connected to Dhanteras.

Dhanteras marks the beginning of the five day Diwali celebrations. It takes place two days before Diwali to honor Dhanvantari, an incarnation of Vishnu. Dhanteras is also known as Yamadeep. It is also known as Dhanvantari Jayanti.

On this day, we pray for good health and wealth for the family. Decorated clay idols and photos of Shri Ganesh and Shri Lakshmi are bought from the market on the day of

Dhanteras. These idols are worshiped on the day of Diwali. Silver articles are bought for the house and Iron, Copper or Brass utensils are bought for the kitchen on this day.

I have seen many people (for instance my mom) do their majority jewellery shopping on Dhanteras. Not only does it fulfil the requirement of buying gold on Dhanteras, but every jeweller (including Candere) have some interesting discount going on. For instance, you will find deals like 100% off on making, Discount on Gold coins, etc.

Since jewellery is much expensive as compared to any of our daily usage things, buying gold coin on Dhanteras is very common. That is why, you can see gold coins also have many offers going on.

Dhanteras is a Hindu festival that is celebrated across the country two days before Diwali. This year, Dhanteras will be celebrated on 2020. Dhanteras is also referred to as Dhantrayodashi and it holds a great significance as it marks the beginning of Diwali.

On this auspicious day, Goddess Laxmi and Lord Kuber are worshipped. ‘Dhan’ means wealth and ‘Teras’ refers to the thirteenth day in the moon cycle. According to Hindu calendar, this festival falls in the Kartika month on the thirteenth day of Kartika Krishna Paksha.

As it is the festival of wealth, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber, who according to Hindus are the treasurer of the world, are worshipped by the devotees. They pray for prosperity, success, wealth and wellbeing of their loved ones. It is believed that on this day, Goddess Lakshmi emerged from the ocean along with other treasures, during

Samudra Manthan (Churning of Ocean). Hence, this day was dedicated to the Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber.

Hindu rituals say that on Dhanteras, people should purchase some new things like utensils. It is also believed that buying gold or something valuable is beneficial for the house as this marks the arrival of Goddess Lakshmi in the house.

In the evening, the family members gather and start the prayer. They worship Lord Ganesha and before that, give him a bath and anoint him with sandal paste. A red cloth is offered to the Lord and then fresh flowers are showered on the idol of Lord Ganesha. Devotees chant mantra and take his blessings before starting the rituals of Dhanteras.

The mythology behind Dhanteras

Once upon a time, there was a king named Hima who ruled over his kingdom with justice and love as the two tools of his governance. He had a son and the astrologers predicted that his son would face the end of his life due to snake bite on his sixteenth year. A sense of deep anguish tormented King Hima’s heart and he searched for ways to save his son’s life. As per the advice of a renowned astrologer, he got his son married to a girl who had a lucky horoscope. The couple lived happily for a few years. The boy neared his sixteenth year and the king started worrying about the impending death of his son.The festival of Diwali kicks off with Dhanteras or Dhan Trayodashi that falls just a day ahead of Choti Diwali. On this day, prayers are offered to Lord Dhanvantari, Goddess Lakshmi-- the goddess of wealth, and Kubera-- the ruler of wealth. It's a rule to light the lamp of Yama in the evening after thoroughly cleaning the homes. This year Dhanteras will be observed on Friday, 25 October.

Buying gold, silver, utensils, idols of Ganesha-Lakshmi, etc are considered precious on Dhanteras. It is believed that on this day Goddess Lakshmi blesses us with good health and finances for the rest of the year. On this day, we all try our best to keep away from mistakes so that Goddess Lakshmi does not get offended.

Here are few dos and don'ts to be blessed with wealth on Dhanteras:

Do not lend money

There is a popular belief that one should not lend money or wealth on Dhanteras and Diwali. This makes her Lakshmi go to another as Dhanteras and Diwali are considered to be the day of the arrival of Lakshmi pt.Deepak pandey.

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Do not worship pop idols.

Remove garbage and trash

Dhanteras is also known as cleanliness day and cleaning the house is done on this day. Useless things in the house are thrown into trash or out of the house. Garbage and waste is considered a center of negative energy so cleanliness is necessary.

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Remove slippers from main door

The house should be kept clean during Dhanteras and Diwali. One important thing that should be kept in mind is that the main entrance of the house should not be dirty. Remove all shoe-slippers, dirt and any kind of obstruction from that area. Goddess Lakshmi enters through the main door and dirt makes her unhappy and returns back from the door.

Worship these Gods on Dhanteras

On Dhanteras, you should worship Kubera, Mata Lakshmi and Vaidya Dhanvantar. Kubera is the protector of your wealth, Goddess Lakshmi is the one who provides wealth and Dhanvantari gives you a healthy body.

Quit discord and sleep

Avoid fight on Dhanteras and Diwali. A happy atmosphere should be created in the house. Make sure you should doze off during the day. Laziness brings negativity.

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