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Updated: Dec 25, 2023


A luxury and good car is everyone’s dream. We spend a lot of time in selecting and buying our favourite car. Our dream wheels take us everywhere and anytime. But instead providing us convenience and luxury, sometimes we encounter various problems related to and because of our vehicles. We need Vastu tips for Car Parking and Garage to solve these problems. These problems are:

• Repeated Service And Repairing

• Accidents

• Theft and Stealing

• Disputes with neighbours for parking place

• Less Travel (makes vehicle idle)

• Fire in vehicle or garage

Aforementioned problems create stress in our lives and affect our dream of having a luxurious and relaxing travel. What is the reason for such vehicle related problems? Vastu is your answer. We focus on Vastu for our house but ignore the car parking and garage. Vastu defect in car parking and garage imbalance the cosmic energy that leads to negative results. Wrong parking location, structure and directions are the main reason for Vastu defect in garage and car parking.

To allow free flow of Cosmic energy, we need to make our car parking and garage, Vastu compliant. To allow free flow of Cosmic energy, we need to make our car parking and garage, Vastu compliant. Our Vaastu provides you the effective Vastu solution to overcome these Vastu related setbacks. Guruji has explained with his 20 years of research that a favourable direction for car parking is different for each individual and depends on an Individual’s date or birth. A date of birth is a deciding factor in finding out the best direction for car parking. Our Vaastu also provides you many other Vastu solutions that help in balancing the Cosmic Energy through connecting, balancing and channelizing this energy with the help direction, structure and PANDEY These three steps are known as Our Vaastu Principles.

By following Our Vaastu, we can overcome challenges that rise because of incorrect Vastu in these places. By adopting Vastu tips for car parking and garage, we can reap few positive results like:

• Low maintenance cost

• Healthy and long life of vehicle

• Safe and convenient travel

• Successful Business Trips resulting in increase in money and business

• Goodwill and fame to public figures

You can get positive results by applying Vastu tips for Car Parking and Garage. A right location for car parking in the house can do wonders in your life and let you free from mental stress caused by your vehicle. You can get the best service from your vehicle throughout by following Vastu. Let’s read Vastu tips for Car Parking in the house.

• According to Vastu Shastra, your garage should be in NW direction

• Always park your vehicle facing North or East direction

• Keep enough space between your Car shed or house. It will ease the flow of energy.

• There should be easy connectivity and pathway between your garage and house.

• Avoid parking your vehicle facing South or West

• Garage shouldn’t be in NE direction

• Garage should have enough space to walk after parking the vehicle. It removes the accumulated negative energy.

• Slope of garage should be towards East or North

• Compound walls and walls of the house should not touch the garage walls

• Garage in the South West direction is not suggested. They cause less usage or idleness of the vehicle

• Main gate of the house should be higher than the garage gate

• There should not be any inflammable items or garbage in the garage

• Remember the color of walls should be painted with light colors like white, yellow, cream etc.

• Follow your favourable direction for hassle-free and healthy life of your vehicle

These Vastu tips for car parking can help in getting the best service from your vehicle. It can ease your life and let you travel anywhere anytime.

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